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  1. https://blog.payoneer.com/home-page/wirecard-in-the-news-update-regarding-wirecard-and-your-prepaid-card/ - working again
  2. https://blog.payoneer.com/home-page/wirecard-in-the-news-update-regarding-wirecard-and-your-prepaid-card/
  3. one good thing about payoneer its the debit mastercard they provide. you can use the money on the account directly from the card, worldwide. free for transactions in dollars and a small conversion rate for other currencies. also, u can choose a card with euros or gpb too.
  4. 4-days waiting today for a covid-19 editorial image to be approved.
  5. ahahaha wtf is that ? c'mon. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/washington-dcusa0222-trump-supporters-reveal-who-1652540887
  6. well, the money goes to your Payoneer account automatically. Mine was payed yesterday. Then, if you want to withdraw it to your bank, you need to do that by your payoneer account website. i don't know how long it takes the transfer, because i always use the payoneer debit card.
  7. if the photos were shot in a non-accreditated event, you can specify that on the caption if they ask for credentials. like i did here - https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/image-taken-public-street-free-event-1380476987
  8. in general, you need to contact the people in charge of the press accreditation process of the event you want to cover. they will ask you all info they need about you and the organization that you work for. second, you need to work for a news media outlet. the NPPA it's a association, they don't give accreditation/admission/access for photographers to cover events.
  9. 1/8000? of course u don't need all that. at least u are using with a 800mm or 1200mm. i shoot diving, formula 1 with a 400mm and 1/3200 it's all good.
  10. you don't need a monopod with a 70-200mm, they are light. if you shoot mostly in low light conditions and need high shutter speeds goes for the 2.8. no doubt. if you shoot mostly in daylight the 4.0 is a very good option, more cheap, more light, more small and have a very good optics. it's the lense that i use, i shoot formula 1 with it and AF works great, if you have a fast camera, of course.
  11. 109 downloads so far. below average from last months, but better than i expected. just passing 1k pictures in port.
  12. this is the SS style: "Goa / India - December 11, 2019: A horse and two men are silhoutted on a beach during sunset in a tropical location." (what location?) - the name is important too.
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