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  1. Vy mozhete podelit'sya, chto eto za sayt? 38/5000 Can you share what this site is?
  2. https://api.monosnap.com/file/download?id=6EBPZRXvdhiW2dL8mZCeUm4EDfJdVx Artboard more than 16 megapixels. The preview is very fuzzy, blurry. What should I do? Help!
  3. I turned in support, ticket ref: _00D301GgSC._5000c1oj7FZ: ref The preview is grainy and unclear. The size of the artboard vector is a large 10 megapixels. But in support I was advised to increase the size of the artboard. Where more? Is it already 10 megapixels? Administration, I ask for help. What should I do?
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