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  1. For video the best is Neatvideo but its not free.
  2. I recommend you to use extreme filmic cause the tiny sensor the iphone has. If you get troubles with playback use proxy files, i use premiere pro and do proxy files to edit smoothest. Also, you can use Neatvideo to clean you noise problems.
  3. With Filmic Pro do you use extreme filmic quality? Manual exposure? 1/60 shutter speed? iso? What is the bit rate of you raw footage (mbps)? In the export settings, doy you use the better quality in your h264 export? Maybe you can try to reupload.
  4. Yes, to him I was referring. But why would he do that? Did his portfolio delete it too?
  5. I remember a colleague who was on the way to get 10,000 photos here, he had a topic created in this forum about that goal that I can't find. I don't remember his name or nickname, do you know that it was his or where is that topic from?
  6. Hi, There is no longer a column to specify the model that I have already uploaded to ss? I always get an error. Thanks.
  7. This show me up when i charge a csv file with a release i already have and use for my footages: You referenced a model or property release we don't have on file. Upload your releases first, then submit your CSV file again.
  8. thanks, that link was what I was looking for. My sister wants to give me the authorizations, she just doesn't know what this whole world of stock is and with that link things are clearer. Of course, nobody wants the things you say with any child, it depends a lot on the content you do too. Thanks for your advice and help.
  9. So when someone buys a license for a photo or video, are there no rules and restrictions for that buyer in the use that he can give it?
  10. Hi, My sister is afraid to give the releases from her childrens; how can i show her that there is nothing to worry about? Thanks.
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