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  1. 0.03 Mpbs for upload? Are you sure? With that upload speed it's ok compress in h.264 at this time. But worry in increase that speed to eventually compress in ProRes. Or do what Milo J says: "Here's a thought: do you have a good friend or family member living in a city with a fast connection? You could ship them a thumb drive with a bunch of files and ask them to do the upload." Im courius, what lens do you have?
  2. In a few months i will start uploading PRORES because it is a pain both storage and uploading speed. So, for now, i just want to know how do you export h264 actually to get the higest quality. For this example i have a original clip 4K UHD in h264 100mbps from a sony a6400 8 bit camera. So, my export settings in Premiere after do all edit process will be: check Render at maximum depth Profile: High (i have just discovered this parameter that seems important) Level: 5.1 Bitrate: VBR, 2 pass - target: 110 (here I like to add 10 mbps more than the original clip) - max: 110 check Use maximum render quality What do you thing? And how do you do it? Regards.
  3. If my file name has parentheses at the end (like "sequence (1) .mp4") the transfer fails. Is it a rule that should not have parentheses or a system failure? It happens in ftp and ftps.
  4. I've had a lot of problems uploading videos with ftps these days: filezilla loaded it 100%, but instead of saying that it was a satisfactory shipment, filezilla kept waiting for a while and restarted the shipment. This happened about 20 times with a single video file and multiple times. The solution: keep using ftp. So, until ftps is well implemented, please continue to keep ftp. Regards
  5. So if my camera (sony a6400) records in 4K at 100Mpbs H.264 should i export at ProRes 422 LT minimum? Thanks.
  6. H264 has recently disappointed me and I want to go to prores but (and it is a great but) I am in a town where internet access is very limited both in infrastructure and cost. So my upload speed is very, very slow. So, prores 422 PROXY will be enough? Please be a yes = D Thanks.
  7. congratulations! I hope one day to get those numbers and I hope you continue here with your valuable advice! Happy New Year!
  8. Good choice 👍 Is that A7R4 for you? Because they say the A7S3 is just around the corner...
  9. Nice drone footage Doug! What drone do you have? Thanks and congratulations for the 30K!
  10. Thanks Doug. FDR-AX700 is a good camera for you? This cost ~$1999.00 and it can record 4K HDR
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