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  1. I'm also upset, but SS couldn't care less about it. SoI opted-out from sales and asked to have my account closed. I did the math, and to me the logical move is to upload all photos through Wirestock. By sheer volume Wirestock starts the year and will reach higher levels much faster then me alone,so even considering their commission I have more chances of earning money than by myself. But I'm so upset that even through Wirestock I'm not uploading anymore to Shutterstock,anyways...
  2. It isn't. Block the guy, you'll be relieved, believe me.
  3. Listen, buddy, as a matter of fact I wrote Shutterstock, that's the point of my message to @Kate Shutterstock, to see what's happening that mails aren't answered. As of not having a portfolio, mine (not a big one, 1600 images, about 70 videos or so) is disabled, I opted-out sales. Or perhaps they just deleted it and didn't answer my mails, in any case I want to know. Don't know who erected you as forum police, I'm blocking the hell out of you right now.
  4. My first mail on May 30 got answered in a couple of hours.I thank you very much for answering on SS behalf, but I'd rather have an official answer on the matter.
  5. @Kate Shutterstock, I've sent three mails and sent a message to contributor support to have my account terminated an all my content removed from Shutterstock, but had no answer yet. I won't be contributing anymore to Shutterstock and already opted-out sales.
  6. Take a little unsolicited advise: don't try to be funny in a language you don't master. My English is pretty good, and in an actual conversation with native speakers I can sometimes throw a joke that works, but when writing in a place where to make matters worse you deal with lots of people from different places and cultures, don't try to be funny. You may end up becoming the joke.
  7. You can lower the payout to usd35 in your preferences!
  8. Now you have a ego, don't you? I happen to know a couple oh historical NatGeo photographers that would never ever in their life brag about that to put themselves above the rest. I'm sorry for you, man, what you have in quantity of pictures you lack in humility and, above all, humanity.
  9. You're missing one important point: many of the contributors who aren't happy with the new scheme are chosen by the customers, only now they earn less. It's not anymore theoretical: it's been proven after a week seeing lots of 0.10 sales that confirm the math some were doing. So, if you like it, OK, but don't assume those who doesn't is because 1. the don't want to make an effort, 2. their images aren't good. Don't patronize, don't be condescending, at least if you want respect from your colleagues. You're implying we don't understand and don't provide quality content as you do, which is,
  10. I started uploading there since it takes away a lot of time. You upload the pictures, and unless pictures are editorial, they keyword and all, and upload to Shutterstock, Adobe, Pond5, Dreamstime, Depositphotos and Alamy, if memory serves. You get the standard agency fee minus 15% they take away for the service, which since pictures pay so little these days makes sense to me. I may end up getting a few cents less out of each download, but I'm also working a lot less on pictures and can concentrate more in video. Depending on how much you sell on your own and how much content you already h
  11. I went farther: I asked for the complete termination of my account. Even if later on I decide to swallow my pride and accept there's no way out of this system, I'm better off contributing through Wirestock (even though right now I'm leaving Shutterstock out of new uploads), even with their own 15% commission I'll be better positioned than if I stay here, were at the start of the year I'll be level 1 again.
  12. That would explain it, yes! Sorry I have no answer to your original question, though...
  13. Why the D5? Heavy beast, unless you do sports you'll hate it! If you can make that money, try the D850, believe me you won't miss the D5
  14. In a way that's true, but I think that may only apply to Asia, where gear is somewhat cheaper due to lower freight costs. In Latin America, to name just one place, the exchange rate is very good, and it has become quite high , so it's true that earning dollars may still be business, but the cost of photo gear has gone up also, so it's a double edged sword, and in the balance we lose.
  15. Damn, that weird! I can't think of any other reason why you would have this difference in Manual mode if the light doesn't change! I can't see the EXIF, but now that I look again it looks to me that the brighter image uses a wider aperture, DOF looks different to me, are you sure you didn't modify aperture between shots? Because that would also explain it, I just assumed settings were exactly the same.
  16. From what I see it has a dedicated button near the flash, in the front left of the camera, press it and check, the display should read 0F (zero frames), if it reads anything else, move the wheel until it reads 0F. More info here_ https://onlinemanual.nikonimglib.com/d850/en/11_exposure_07.html
  17. I was going to say the same. Looks you have dialed bracketing. Happened to me once, and it took me a while to get it, it's the only explanation if you're using Manual mode.
  18. I'm afraid this isn't a valid answer to SS regarding this topic, and poses no threat to them. The only legit answer to the new scheme is opting out from sales or completely leaving SS for good. Why do I say this? Perhaps we should read the TOS thoroughly before committing: Section 18 (Miscelaneous), section f: "Please note that Shutterstock reserves the right to modify these terms at any time in its sole discretion, it being understood that no changes shall apply to any pending arbitration proceeding commenced or legal claims asserted prior to such change. Shutterstock will noti
  19. The same system as Wirestock. Didn't know there was another such service. To me it's a great idea, since all the work captioning and keywording images isn't rewarded, so taking away the boring part seems wise to me.
  20. Don't know if Getty, but it's likely that there's a sale going on and as a condition the buyers forced Shutterstock to take these unpopular measures. It would explain a lot.
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