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  1. Trending down to about 1/10th of what I use to make in a good month. If you're not sure whether your port is being adversely impacted by the new policies and sales strategies, believe me, you'll know when it does hit. It's a blatantly obvious free fall in sales and earnings.
  2. Yep, that's exactly what happened with my port last month and again so far this month. It's not explained by the new contributor payments either as the system has been in effect for some months. But just like you said, sales just dropped off a cliff. In particular in my case, videos. Also, a lot more 10 cent garbage than previously too.
  3. You did pretty well last month if I recall correctly?
  4. Totally agree with the effort vs reward even without the rejection issues - which incidentally I've just had a few more rejections than usual myself! 😒 Though did manage to get one through on the third submit (rejected twice for rasterization issues). Subberstock's loss because I know these files will sell on Adobe Stock.
  5. Congratulations, you have a number of good images there to reach your next goal.
  6. Yes, same here Wilm. Sshhh don't tell anybody but someone needs to spin the algorithm again! 😮
  7. No it doesn't work every time. I still get rejections using my method but overall far fewer per submission. I'd suggest resubmit at least three times. And if by chance you have been submitting on a weekend wait until the week. Yes, my suggestions are a work around and not a guaranteed full-proof solution but it works for me and I'm no high-quality content producer. 👍
  8. It is a problem and we can only work around it. I usually do those submissions during the evening when all else is done for the day, or even when doing other stuff, for example submit a few files, go out and shop or whatever. I do this around a full-time job in the Australian public service. It's certainly not ideal but saves getting all these rejections. It seems the more files submitted in any one batch the more likely there will be many more rejections per submission.
  9. Yes Wilm, I'm betting on the end of the world (as we know it) long before I reach 45,000 images.
  10. Wow, that looks nice! Really got to look at doing something like that. Yes, the video portfolio is solely what gives my earnings a solid lift each month, otherwise it's just another average image port. Thanks for your suggestion!
  11. Yes, and I suppose I haven't been forthcoming with all my data as January wasn't too bad. Just February and like you said, it's just one month of a 12-month year. I have a tendency to catastrophize things.
  12. Aaaaah I see. So all I need is just another 45,000 high quality images and I too can make $100 a day. 😁 Congrats man, beautiful port you have there.
  13. Many thanks Primus1. I been feeling like Shutterstock has thrown my port under a bus. Basically, take your monthly average income on SS for 2020. Now divide that by 6. There's your new revenue for 2021.And this is what they call an incentive.
  14. I haven't seen this chap before. Some interesting observations from someone who's been submitting to stock photography sites since 2013. The number of files differs from agency to agency as he explains. He's earnings have decreased a lot over the years but still takes away a decent overall payout. He doesn't actually name the stock agency but you can guess what it might be. Enjoy!
  15. March has started out just slightly better than my most disastrous month... last month. Only one small video sale in February 2021 - only one month throughout 2020 did i sell just one video and the commission was much higher. Hopefully March 2021 is better than February 2021. March 2020 was my BME up until that time since starting in February 2019, and was already close to 10x the earnings at this stage of the new month in 2020 vs 2021. ETA just had a sale on Pond5 with $18.15 commission. I was only just recently thinking about this file (aerial hyperlapse) as it sold quite quickly for fo
  16. Guys Just submit one to three (max) images or videos at a time. Vast majority (if not all) get accepted this way. Just have your descriptions and keywords ready in a word file saved with your images / videos, then simply copy and paste. Ones that get rejected, just resubmit.
  17. For me, it's a reflection of just how far Shutterstock has fallen rather than the other sites rising. Granted it's only been one month so far, as my graph above shows.
  18. Adobe Stock is about the only agency remaining that makes it remotely worthwhile doing photos at all now. Today's image sale results so far: AS - $3.86 vs SS - $0.10 cents
  19. Yeah I wondered about whether it was an Australian thing too. Though my February 2020 results weren't too bad.
  20. Monetizing a YouTube channel in a nutshell: You need to have 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel Your videos have generated 4,000 Watch Time hours over the last 12 months You comply with all YouTube's policies and guidelines You have an AdSense account set up https://vidiq.com/blog/post/how-to-monetize-youtube-channel-beginners-guide/ Definitely need videos that get plenty of views and watch time or videos that go viral with views while still getting subscribers. Some channels have some rather peculiar though simple ways of achieving this (ie: relaxing m
  21. Interesting observation. As the years continue on it seems to be getting worse where new contributors will be thrilled to be even making 5 cents per sale regardless of the 'cut' the company takes. And worse yet, many new contributors will be happy to submit their content for mere recognition of their photos, videos and other artwork being downloaded and used in articles or commercials with no compensation whatsoever. This might be my current shocking month on Shutterstock that influences me thinking this, but I'm actually wondering why many more contributors of prolific high quality conte
  22. Just curious, why? Is it because many of us who have been around for some years aren't seeing these sales?
  23. This month has been rotten on shutterstock. I'd be quartered by four stallions for suggesting this (but it actually makes me hopeful in one way) that this current unexplained deep and sudden drop in sales, and in particular video sales, is due to the algorithm. It's been like having a physical shop on a busy street where you have a steady stream of customers visiting and purchasing each day, indeed with some variation which is predictable and aligns with trends, then suddenly, all else being equal, no visits and purchases, even though the streets outside remain busy with shoppers passing by th
  24. I emailed Alamy two weeks ago to terminate my contract with them. It takes 45 days. Sales there are non-existent and commissions also plummeted in the last couple of sales.
  25. No worries, and yes true - it is a month up / month down, so hopefully better next month. Adobe Stock and Pond5 have helped a bit this month fortunately.
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