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  1. Still very early days and things can change at any moment but my start is completely horrible. I never thought I would have to say this but for this month so far, Dreamstime is actually in the lead! It's not because Dreamstime is good but just how bad things are on my main three ports - SS, AS and P5.
  2. Don't worry Patrick, you're definitely not missing out on anything. It's getting bad out there. I'm finding it's worse this year than at any time last year, and that's for SS and the other sites as well. Hoping things pick up.
  3. Earnings on SS in January 2021 were $91.84 (graph below) so an ordinary month. Image sale earnings were decimated in January - that was my disappointment as far as SS is concerned. Earnings January 2021 were down 7% from earnings in January 2020 with a much smaller port. But then, earnings December 2020 were up 480% compared to December 2019. Video sales made up for almost 90% of earnings in January 2021. Earnings on my other two main sites for January 2021 were $6.92 on AS and $0.00 on P5. These results were by far my main disappointments last month.
  4. Hi Noa, your photos are great. Being in Israel I'd suggest taking more photos (and videos) of landmark places in the region, where you can do so. They are internationally recognized landmarks so should be good sellers. Come back when you have at least 1000 photos and 100 videos and let's see how how much income growth you have achieved by then.
  5. Finally a video sale that paid a commission of 317.4 x 10 cent subs lifting my January earnings out of a deep dark abyss to level of ghetto.
  6. Congratulations Sheila, that must of been an absolute delight when you saw that commission come through.
  7. @blvdonewith such a huge port of videos, surely you spend your days sipping Pina Colada on the Maldives or Seychelles or something?
  8. Anyone at the Capitol? Few newsworthy editorial pics here. 😂
  9. How to contributors exclusively with images do this? Maybe its okay if you're high volume seller but if not then its completely crapola. I don't even have a dollar in image sales so far this month.
  10. Adobe Stock has gone completely dead for me as the graph snip below shows....
  11. Had one $0.10 sub overnight and one $10.19 video sale today.
  12. Hiya fellow contributors I hope everyone is doing well and celebrating the windfalls from your micro-stock sales and the personal wealth and prosperity it brings you. For my year-to-date sales, what I have done is utilize a powerful arithmetic calculation machine to perform high volume calculations on the sales from each of my stock portfolios. From here, I amalgamated the results of these calculations and performed further mathematical operations to determine the sum total of all sales across my portfolios. The final result of these complex calculation processes are as follows
  13. Congratulations! I achieved this major milestone earlier today too.
  14. Can read my story here... https://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/steven-tritton/my-family-tree-was-full-of-surprising-fruit_b_9616328.html
  15. My beautiful Persian boy Simba (photo above in this thread) just passed away peacefully while we were giving him love and care and he was responding right up to the last moments. Devastated after 10 years of wonderful joy with this little boy.
  16. Individual contributors will move through the tiers regardless of their number of sales by virtue of them collectively being one account.
  17. A surprising video sale each on Friday and Monday (today) have helped to boost my earnings for this month - for my standards anyway. 😛 December 2019 was a terrible month and that's taking into account just being 9 months into stock. Up 453% December 2019 vs December 2020.
  18. Where's Patrick C? Haven't seen him post for a while and his profile shows no visit since 23 November.
  19. Many thanks and appreciation for your kind words of support Sari.
  20. I've read on FB (can't find the post now it might of been removed) there was apparently a copyright complaint against them and there are efforts to restore the account.
  21. Thank you Sari, I can't overstate how much of a battle it has been. We're convinced this is coming to an end now and will shortly have to give Simba his rainbow wings. It's been the most difficult thing to deal with this year. The photos below from a few years ago...
  22. Reading through this thread (link below) gives some insight into the morale of some of the longer term contributors in microstock... https://www.[do_not_advertise_other_microstock_groups]/site-related/where-is-everybody/
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