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  1. It's quite widely believed that SS is scoring big $$$ as a result of the new payment and commissions structure that was introduced last year. I personally don't believe this is the case. To illustrate the point I suggest the following hypothetical scenarios using a previous commission payment of say 40% compared to the new 15% following the reset. I suggest it's not the commissions SS is paying out to contributors that hurts the bottom line, but the heavily discounted sales prices under the new subscription model. Sales Scenario One $100 sale 40% paid to contributor ($40)
  2. Agree. I think Shutterstock has completely lost control of its review process. It's pathetic really.
  3. Are you getting many rejections? I note from your BHGSPF March Report you added 10 images to SS compared to double or more at other sites. I don't usually have much a problem with rejections, but damn, near everything is getting rejected in recent days. Is it because of weekend reviews maybe? What's up Subberstock? Get ya knickers in a knot again? 🙄
  4. X2 yes thanks for sharing Doug. Interesting info and insights.
  5. Good luck Wilm, let's hope things pick up for us this month. After the initial two video sales on SS and AS with an RPD of just over $20.00, have had two image sales on AS for an RPD of $1.77 and two images sales on SS with an RPD of 10 cents lol.
  6. Lots of awesome pics and large portfolio. Very well done. (Y)
  7. I just calculated my video sales for March and it is $7.80. That's way down on what it use to be which was way more than double that. Hence my poor earnings for March 2021 compared to March 2020. @Former_Postergood on you for taking some action with your best selling vids. How frustrating to see them go at such pathetically low prices.
  8. Barely 6 hours into the new month and have made a video sale each on SS and AS. So that's a good start.
  9. While not the total disaster February 2021 was, March 2021 was nonetheless mediocre. By comparison to the previous year, downloads were 65% / earnings were just 58% in March 2021 compared to March 2020.
  10. Well here comes the EOTM slump which follows the MOTM slump hot on the heels of the BOTM slump. 😜
  11. Oh yes Wendy, apparently Warragamba Dam had been spilling Sydney Harbour's worth of water each day into the Sydney basin during this current wet weather event. That's a massive amount of water there.
  12. My rating is 3, 1, 2. But I suppose the AI would knock down 3 because of the bokeh so I'd guess it'd be 1, 2, 3 or 1, 3, 2..
  13. Was just in Sydney when this weather system started coming through and actually cut the stay there short by about 1/2 day to get back to Canberra, less there be flash flooding at some of the key exits back out on to the Hume Highway. The flooding in some parts of NSW is (or was) the worst in 50 to 60 years or more. I grew up on Georges River (which leads onto Botany Bay) in East Hills and the East Hills Facebook community have just been reminiscing on the floods we use to get there. I remember two of them very well (1986 and 1988). You would not dare paddle a kayak or boat past the clothe
  14. Download numbers don't much interest me, I'd rather 5 downloads per month at $100 ($500 for the month) compared to 100 downloads per month at 10 cents ($10 for the month). A little over one week to go in March 2021 and I'm not even half way the earnings of March 2020. Jan, Feb, Mar 2020 vs Jan, Feb, Mar 2021 highlighted in red on the graph of SS results since I began below...
  15. I'm guessing bulk downloads by one buyer? Do the photos represent any one subject or location? This could explain why.
  16. Not a sale on Adobe Stock in over a week and only one sale for that week Not a sale on Pond5 in almost three weeks and the number of views have dropped again to low levels Not a sale on Dreamstime for over three weeks - though I don't usually mention DT as I won't be seeing a payout from them any time soon Can't report on a week by week basis for iStock though am closing in on a payout from them (after about 12 months) even with a comparative tiny port The usual low ball sales on Shutterstock amounting to (over the last week) a small cup of cheap 'International Roast' c
  17. Finally the latter part of the week started to feel like it use to with several clip sales though RDP wasn't great at $7.30. Had an SO sale for $4.64. Overall biggest increase in sales revenue since January within just a couple of days.
  18. I just made this status update on my FB page (with a complementary news article) just for info to anyone who might be interested: Now having just posted this made me think... let's hope some of this stimulus money makes it way back into increased spending on micro-stock content.
  19. @Wilm IhlenfeldI feel your frustration and pain. Was going to talk more about it but much prefer to mention that today felt a lot more like normal times with a $0.31 sub and $4.64 od. Hopefully we might be seeing a turning point as Steve Bower suggested above. Still a crap month overall though.
  20. Yes please, join in on this important ground-breaking conversation.
  21. Contributor 1: I’ve got 8 likes so far this month Contributor 2: I’ve had 5 likes, down from 12 likes at this time last month, down 25 likes from this time last year Contributor 3: Bummer, I’ve only had 2 likes, heading for my WME at this rate Contributor 2: Likes have been trending down for months Contributor 3: I’m gonna unlisense my portfolio if this continues! Contributor 2: Looks like gone are the days of digital smiley stamps and gold stars Contributor 3: Haven’t had a smiley stamp or gold star in months! Contributor 4: Shutterstock should make a silver
  22. Monday afternoon Oz time and almost predictably not one sale today. Once upon a time (like 12 months ago) there would be sales for the beginning of the week in this part of the world.
  23. Looks like your results are much like mine. Good move on uploading to P5, I found them a bit slow at first but it does pick up and each download pays much better. 👌
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