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  1. Well I don't really care much for this topic but at least blvdone backs up his complaining with action - namely un-licensing what is a pretty big port. Yes, I'm aware others do that as well without the complaining and that's commendable. It's really all these accounts who collectively have un-liicensed their ports that will be the only way to get the message across in the end. Just need enough contributor accounts of large quality ports to do likewise.
  2. Yeah I wondered about whether it was an Australian thing too. Though my February 2020 results weren't too bad.
  3. Monetizing a YouTube channel in a nutshell: You need to have 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel Your videos have generated 4,000 Watch Time hours over the last 12 months You comply with all YouTube's policies and guidelines You have an AdSense account set up https://vidiq.com/blog/post/how-to-monetize-youtube-channel-beginners-guide/ Definitely need videos that get plenty of views and watch time or videos that go viral with views while still getting subscribers. Some channels have some rather peculiar though simple ways of achieving this (ie: relaxing m
  4. Interesting observation. As the years continue on it seems to be getting worse where new contributors will be thrilled to be even making 5 cents per sale regardless of the 'cut' the company takes. And worse yet, many new contributors will be happy to submit their content for mere recognition of their photos, videos and other artwork being downloaded and used in articles or commercials with no compensation whatsoever. This might be my current shocking month on Shutterstock that influences me thinking this, but I'm actually wondering why many more contributors of prolific high quality conte
  5. Just curious, why? Is it because many of us who have been around for some years aren't seeing these sales?
  6. This month has been rotten on shutterstock. I'd be quartered by four stallions for suggesting this (but it actually makes me hopeful in one way) that this current unexplained deep and sudden drop in sales, and in particular video sales, is due to the algorithm. It's been like having a physical shop on a busy street where you have a steady stream of customers visiting and purchasing each day, indeed with some variation which is predictable and aligns with trends, then suddenly, all else being equal, no visits and purchases, even though the streets outside remain busy with shoppers passing by th
  7. I emailed Alamy two weeks ago to terminate my contract with them. It takes 45 days. Sales there are non-existent and commissions also plummeted in the last couple of sales.
  8. No worries, and yes true - it is a month up / month down, so hopefully better next month. Adobe Stock and Pond5 have helped a bit this month fortunately.
  9. This is how my Subberstock is looking, all the way back from day dot when I started in Feb 2019 to the current day / month.
  10. Goodness! Careful withdrawing that out in hard cash, the weight of all that coin could hurt your back! I actually got a $1.08 today. Luckily, it's only half your amount so my back should be okay.
  11. Congrats Primus1, I'm having a shocker month here on Subberstock. So far much better on P5 and AS this month while it was the opposite in January. Wondering how @Doug Jensenis going so far this year?
  12. Wow and just like I said, over a full day with no sales, then first one comes in Monday evening after 6pm - 10 cents! But wait! Another sale came in shortly after... 14 cents!! We're on our way to riches here!
  13. @Patrick Coopercould it be just as likely you end up finding yourself swimming among a frenzy of man-eating sharks? I have such disturbing thoughts reading your post. @Wendy Townrowperformance this month here on SS has been awful for me. It's not only low commissions (my last five sales in my latest sales show 10 cents each) but download numbers are low too. Was just thinking earlier how months ago, when I had a much smaller port, sales would start to flow each Monday (Aussie time) , but lately Monday comes and no sales at all. And when a sale finally drops in, later in the evening or ne
  14. I was a lurker back in 2019 and it was entertaining watching the epic debates about quality vs quantity. Joe@Grossingerdid upload a lot of similars but he also achieved level 2 pretty quickly as I recall. He had ambition and go-get-it attitude which was quite inspiring really, showing that relative new contributors can actually make some money in this if they put in the effort. Would be interesting to hear how his port is performing these days.
  15. Finally Adobe Stock performed well this week making it feel like it's returned to pre-Christmas levels. Pond 5 has done pretty well this month as well. Both sites were very slow to pick up after Christmas / New Year but glad to see these little stock engines that could will hopefully maintain and increase their performance going forward in 2021. ETA both AS and P5 are in front of SS this month.
  16. Was just coming in to post a thread about this too. I'm still two vid sales short of next level but hoping the sales just weren't displaying yet. But 50% short then it sounds like a glitch with SS auto emails.
  17. I was feeling down this afternoon seeing mere cents continuing to dribble in on SS (and AS for that matter) then just moments ago checked my email to see two video sales on P5, the third video sale this month. So things are picking up again on P5 and they pay far better commissions, which translates to better prices for customers and better share of the pie for the contributor.
  18. Got a small boost with a video sale for $8.27 but I don't know how contributors with images alone (exception of those with many thousands or a niche) can do this. Almost every image download is 10 cents. I wonder how Shutterstock can continue with this new pricing and subscription model. While our income is indeed negatively impacted by the new contributor commissions, it doesn't explain it all. Customers are now buying up subscription packages and paying far less per download which means less money for contributors but also less money for Shutterstock. It's going to hit their bottom line
  19. Here's my graph all the way back to my first upload in Feb 2019:
  20. My downloads and earnings for the past week (indeed since beginning February really) on SS are so hideously low that I'm embarrassed to share either of these. Not one video download this month either. Fortunately P5 had a video download yesterday earning a commission of $18.92 and while not great, at least it is a start for the year and this sale alone beats AS and SS combined for February to date. As far as image sales on SS are concerned, what a disaster this has become. Video is definitely not the only asset suffering an earnings blow on here anymore. I think the move to a subscription mode
  21. Very low sales and very low commissions - yes it's beginning to feel like it's worth leaving.
  22. Well looks like Shutterstock has joined AS and P5 in a collapse of sales so deep and sudden it defies my understanding. At this time of the month in February 2020, I was sitting at $53.70. Moving to same time of the month in February 2021, and sales are at $3.36. I looked back over 2019 and seen that I had better sales income when I had a port with less than half the images and ZERO videos. I hope this is transitory and things pick up because I doubt I will put up with this shit month after month.
  23. I have dismal results right across the board, so not even worth reporting about. Performance of my ports on main sites collapsed after Christmas / New Year.
  24. That's good to know Wilm, I was starting to feel alone in my struggle.
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