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  1. Well it has now been released and the EOS R5 is too pricey for mine. Perhaps the R6 but even that's up there in cost and with a 20 megapixel image sensor.
  2. I accidentally signed out of the forum on my iPad and can't sign back in due to this error too.
  3. I think the release is on July 9 so don't have long to wait. I'm sure it's gonna be pricey costing anywhere between 5 to 15 years of microstock earnings lol.
  4. Yes curious now if this was voluntary withdrawal from the forum or suspension given Wilm and Geo.
  5. Yea I would like to see Geo return as well. Sorry for going OT but I notice Studio2 (Debbie?) has gone MIA? Anyone know?
  6. I waited all night and all day for the next sale to come in. And it has arrived... 10 cents. Fellow contributors, this kind of income does not come without careful planning, hard work, high technical skill and an eye for detail and creativity.
  7. Started both DT and SS in February 2019. Have a total of 1665 assets on SS and up until a few weeks ago had about 550 on DT which has now grown to 1021 (no videos). Lifetime earnings on DT is $20.41 whereas I just broke four figures here on SS last month. Hope this provides a little useful data.
  8. I suggest you book an appointment with your financial adviser today!
  9. How many video sales this month so far?
  10. I found AS to be fast with video but slow with images. P5 has slowed down their video reviews but not too bad, maybe 3 or 4 or so days.
  11. I remember that footage very well. The media companies take advantage of those who don't know any better. Off topic - I use to do a bit of freelance writing and I guess one reason I've been able to remain a bit more motivated with microstock despite the mediocre commissions is because i spent well over two or three years trying to get traction with freelance writing and it was a complete rort, earning some $250 over that time. I've always been skeptical but thought I will put that aside and give this a good go, as the so called practitioners of this industry teach wannabe writers with their freelance writing courses. You were jumping through major hoops and more often than not being ignored even as you offered to write for free for these media outfits while trying to build your 'social proof'. Just goes to show that if there are thousands willing to give their work away for nothing then these companies will only happily oblige and take advantage of it.
  12. Media companies can be the biggest users of freelancers, often compensating with 'exposure' and pay nothing. But I hadn't heard of anything like Patrick mentioned which sounds even worse. Parasites.
  13. Will watch this later. Andrew's updates are great and I'm sucribed to his channel. Fellow Aussie from TAS residing in The Netherlands.
  14. Mr Uyty Teng, you have some beautiful artworks in your port. But as for debating commissions from Shutterstock, it has already been discussed and debated to death, meaning contributors have already talked about this topic lots and lots and lots. You might like to have a look around this forum to read about some of those discussions and debates.
  15. Yes been reading some of the updates coming out of some US states with really high infection numbers. Sounds disturbing.
  16. Yeah but c'mon, you can at least make 34 cents with a video!
  17. I suppose by 'good' I mean something good enough to take photos and videos for stock while not breaking the budget. I have a Mavic 2 Pro which cost $1900 aud over 12 months ago and that was after two lots of discounts were applied. It's certainly good enough for stock and I know people who use it in other photography businesses such as real estate. Then again I know a chap who has a very successful real estate business down at Batemans Bay and he uses and recommends only the DJI Inspire models for this business. I got to say, I'm not anywhere near great at flying a drone but the safety features the M2P has is soooo helpful in times of trouble. I flew that little bird for more than 3 kilometers over open ocean down Batemans Bay to capture some footage of Tollgate Islands. But while I was out there, and just before I flew straight down the middle of the islands, it loss the signal on the app and I was unsuccessful at getting it back. So just hit the Return-To-Home button on the controller and the drone flew back safe and sound. That was a risk I don't usually take and probably won't again. But yea, that's what I meant by a good drone. Is drone photography something you would consider for your MS portfolios?
  18. Wendy what part of the world you from? Here in Canberra it is freezing though at least it's sunny today. Many of you from North America and Canada would laugh at what we, or at least I, complain about when it comes to cold weather. Canberra is the coldest of major cities in Australia because it's kinda close to the snowy mountains.
  19. Well first video sale came thru for the month at $13.50 which ain't great but after a shocking slow start helps to feel a little more optimistic.
  20. Uh oh, here comes the predictable post good-month SLUMP
  21. Patrick have you thought about getting a good drone? Something like a Mavic Air will do a good job, is one of the less expensive of DJI drones and small to be more discreet when out and about capturing footage.
  22. Patrick does that drone have a camera? Fortunately it was cheap.
  23. I passed through the $1000 lifetime earnings last month (June) since starting in Feb 2019. It's not much given the time obviously but cannot overstate how slow it was in those beginning months.
  24. Yeah, took me 16 months to see anything like this. An almost daily occurrence for someone like Doug Jensen.
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