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  1. @Patrick Cooper do you have a whale photo to share? Would like to see. I'd love to get whale photos but haven't had a chance - was going to go out whale watching on my trip to Batemans Bay early this month but ocean conditions weren't right.
  2. Oh good, hopefully the return to normal makes its way back around to these parts of the planet.
  3. Sad to read how things have changed so dramatically for the poorer in the recent few years. Must be hard for those who once had such high downloads and RPDs to experience such deterioration. Microstock is clearly no longer an industry to motivate creators to produce better content and more work.
  4. Strange... Sales suddenly stopped on SS about 1.5 days ago and several days at AS. Poof! Just like that, buyers stopped buying. I'm thinking COVID-19? New payment structure? The algorithm? The rapture!? The strange has now taken a turn to the outright absurd. Dreamstime has just risen from the grave to produce nearly $5 in sales! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO!!
  5. Thanks Primus!, kinda like a birthday present as I had my 50th today.
  6. September 2020 has just become my second BME (since beginning in Feb 2019) after another video sale of $21.61...
  7. Is there any chance you can start producing video? You'll be hooked when you get your first video sale, provided it's not one of the low-rate sales.
  8. Just passed 1000 downloads over the life time at about $1.30 rpd.
  9. Passed through the three figure mark today for September which is good as there's still some 12 days of the month remaining and achieving these earnings is becoming more commonplace since first reaching this milestone earlier in 2020.
  10. Last time I had a sale on Alamy was 19 March 2020, earning $3.15 on that sale - a total of $55.00 earnings since starting there in 2019. I'm averaging well over $100 a month on Shutterstock in 2020. Please, somebody, enlighten me on the rivers of gold I fail to see on sites like Alamy and why I should close my SS ports immediately!!
  11. Finally broke the 999.99 YTD earnings barrier with a $2.03 ODD.
  12. Thanks Milo and Wilm! Strangely, it hasn't moved from there and YTD earnings remain in a mysterious holding pattern 999.99.
  13. Cheers thanks Primus1, and likewise for you many more numbers too!
  14. Was going to share a personal milestone I made this year but thought to capture the moment as it paused at this curious point: I'm confident it will tick over the 1k mark some time between now and the end of the year. Anyway, this may be pocket change for many but when I compare my current year to last year when I started uploading in February, I see some pretty encouraging growth. My total earnings over 10.5 months in 2019 were $263.42. Whereas this year at about 8.5 months so far and it is not too far from four times this amount. Another interesting bit of data is that images make up 26% and video 74% of the 2020 earnings.
  15. Two consecutive days without a single sale, not even a bean. This is a first since the beginning of July. This either indicates a bigger set of sales on the horizon or portends a disastrous second half of the month.
  16. Weekend was dead after a pretty good week.
  17. Davinci doesn't run on my older system, in which case if you have this problem, try ShotCut - free and easy to use.
  18. I hear a new mop and bucket are selling for as low as 180 image sales on SStock. Better get in quick on this bargain.
  19. This is incredibly, incredibly sad and unfortunate. i sincerely hope you won't miss those special memorable moments of dusting, vacuuming and mopping. There's few things in life that can bring the joy and fulfillment of cleaning dirty toilets and scrubbing hard floors on hands and knees. Take care bro.
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