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  1. Thanks McOwenLevi, and congratulations on your AS sales too.
  2. Finally a sale on Pond5! It's been four months and paid a commission of $26+ for a video sale. Ive seen some advertising from P5 on Facebook recently so hopefully things might pick up again.
  3. Speaking of platforms that have gone dead, Pond5 has completely died in the @$$ for me with not a single sale there since early May. They sent out an email announcing a new landing page / customized storefront for your portfolio and urging contributors to share around. I think this is an indicator that things aren't going well there. I closed my account with Alamy back in February when I made only one $3 commission in 12 months there. I should really do the same for Dreamstime, I've made 2.3x on Shutterstock just this month alone than I've made in 2 years at Dreamstime. ðŸĪĢ Personall
  4. Well this is a bit of a surprise after a slow start to the month...
  5. I probably had a few hundred images but no videos at all until later in July. Hence I didn't start seeing video sales until September 2019.
  6. I actually didn't participate in Adobe's free collection program and yet had my BME there in August. Made me think, maybe the free offers actually did work to bring in more buying customers.
  7. No sales on AS or Pond5 for September, $7 sales on Shutter to date. Overall quiet start to the month but very early days.
  8. Overall not a bad month at Shutter but the big surprise this month was Adobe Stock, which was by far my best month ever there (over 3x the running monthly average) and just a few dollars less than SS. Generally my sales are much lower on Adobe Stock compared with Shutter both for downloads and $$$ but had a few good video sales this month. Jut hope September is a reasonable month as a good month often follows with a bad month.
  9. The longevity of the Rolling Stones is absolutely amazing, especially given the industry where many don't make it beyond 50 years of age much less 70 or 80. And next year will be 60 years they been performing. There's many rockers and musicians who were born and died within the years the Rolling Stones have been active.
  10. Uh, err, you're commenting on my post!
  11. Come to the Shutterstock forum for some inspiration and instead find more spam threads than sales for the month! ðŸĪŠ
  12. So far it's my sixth best month on Shutterstock and BME on Adobe Stock. I am pleased with the results this month.
  13. Surprisingly having a good month with strong sales on both Adobe and Shutterstock.
  14. In my experience, definitely not worth it. While I don't have an exclusive account on Pond5, the site has gone completely dead for me with not one sale in over three month (early May). Prior to that there was a sale every month.
  15. Thanks Newsmarket. August started out disappointingly slow but gathered a bit of steam over the first few days. Now at about six days in is probably my best start to the month ever - video sales being the sole factor. 👌
  16. Have a look at Muratart's port.
  17. Very beautiful portfolio you have there. Evidently years of hard work gone into building it.
  18. Yes, sorry Reimar I didn't read your comment properly
  19. I think he means almost $1000 which is still an extraordinary sale for a single download. 👌
  20. Monkey intelligence would do a far better job than the AI used by subberstock.
  21. Link below to the Press Releases... https://investor.shutterstock.com/
  22. @MrSorbiascool thanks, sounds interesting. 👍
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