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  1. I closed my Alamy account. One sale in a year with a commission of sub $3 is not something I'm gonna bother with.
  2. System meltdown, not one download for over three days. Actually prefer no downloadd than a 10 cent breadcrumb. It's like its saying: 'Here, your breadcrumb for the day, aren't we generous'.
  3. Strange, what's to say any of our contents have sold and not been credited to the contributor account? Less there is a delay in the purchase appearing on the account?
  4. Yeah that's very erratic results and I bet the ups and downs represent big earnings differences. Is that darker blue for March videos or referrals?
  5. @stevemartinteresting information, you still seem to be doing pretty good all things considered. 👍
  6. SOD = Single and Other Download ODD = On Demand Download See image below of these payments highlighted in red box from the earnings summary page you can find on your Shutterstock Contributor account. Hope this helps.
  7. You guys usually report good sales or at least good in these times. Things starting to go downhill? I ask because this year 2021 has been a clear and sustained drop for me compared to last year 2020 (as my charts show) even while the port has increased.
  8. Wow two week days Thursday and Friday New York time and not a single sale on Shutterstock (and elsewhere for that matter). So it's a definite EOTW slump there, after having the usual BOTW slump and while I didn't have a MOTW slump it was pretty underwhelming (though did have a sale on P5). I just hope this is not part of a broader MOTM slump which I also had last month in March, followed by the month before that, which incidentally was a WOTM slump. Slumps are out of control! 😜
  9. Laydeez and Gentlemenz Welcome to my brand new chart! The new chart shows both image and video sales on Shutterstock since starting in February 2019. Hope you like. 👌
  10. Best wishes on your next and new adventure! Cheers Steve
  11. Yep, not a download on Pond5 in over a month for me too.
  12. Sounds good Primus. Were they image sales or video sales?
  13. Beautiful photos. Are you finding both a drop in volume of sales and rpd?
  14. Yep Annie, that was created with After Effects. I follow some tuts on YouTube for ideas, instruction and inspiration. I got AE for a free 12 months subscription from Adobe. It's great, I was and am thinking of combining this with a purchase of Element 3D from Video Copilot.
  15. Very interesting Annie. I'm finding that despite the $$$ decline in video sales, they remain far more worth it than images, at least here on Shutterstock. I had my lowest video sale to date just last month at $1.99 but most are over $5.00 to $16.00 per sale. Yeah still much lower than the $20 to $30 I was typically getting prior to the payment restructure where I recall everyone was on a flat 30% rate. This is why, proportionally, my video port has grown much more in the last 12 months as they are what boost my overall earnings much more than images. Actually just this current month (April), i
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