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  1. Very beautiful portfolio you have there. Evidently years of hard work gone into building it.
  2. Yes, sorry Reimar I didn't read your comment properly
  3. I think he means almost $1000 which is still an extraordinary sale for a single download. 👌
  4. Monkey intelligence would do a far better job than the AI used by subberstock.
  5. Link below to the Press Releases... https://investor.shutterstock.com/
  6. @MrSorbiascool thanks, sounds interesting. 👍
  7. Mr Sorbias what kind of YouTube channel you have? 20k subscribers is pretty impressive, I'm not aware of any channel focussing on stock photography that has this many.
  8. Have a look at the footage of this incident, he wasn't actually purposely punching the horse.
  9. July 2021 started quite well with sale of two videos then went downhill for two weeks before getting another video sale to help prop up earnings for the month. July 2021 is now ahead of July 2020 and there's still a week to go. Of course June 2021 didn't come in anywhere near June 2020 but that was a freak month as the earnings graph below (since I started in February 2019) shows. Adobe Stock started to pick up in sales before dropping off again and haven't had one sale there this week. With exception of the 2020-21 Christmas-New Year period, the last time I had no sales for a week on AS
  10. Almost creepy, reminds me of the movie When a Stranger Calls.
  11. End of a dismal week across the agencies with only Shutterstock showing any signs of life. While Adobe Stock is ahead for the month overall, this is only due to a fluke video sale the previous week - the type of sales I could expect occasionally but I don't think this is the case anymore going forward on this site. The below graph just goes to show how bad it is everywhere, in particular P5 and AS, given as i said this is the only site that showed any signs of life this week. Also in comparison to June 2020 for SS (which was my BME) I'm not even at 10 percent of earnings so far. H
  12. Yeah, nah... At first I thought okay I'll opt into this. But on further thought + reading some of the comments here, it's a blanket 'no' from me. AS has gauged a desperation among contributors so are exploiting the situation. I doubt this so called offer would of got any serious consideration several years ago. Not from me though. I'm not happy with AS as it is with a recent change there that has seen my sales almost stop. So I'm not about to offer any of my images for free for 12 months in lieu of low sales. The response to this will also provide AS a good test of the rea
  13. The only highlight this week was a $28 video sale on Adobe Stock, albeit after a couple extra weeks in between large sales on the platform and a general collapse of sales there - was beginning to wonder whether I'd keep my port on AS with a recent change which has seen my sales drop there for no reason.
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