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  1. Seriously if the contributor community want to make an impact there needs to be organizing as many contributors together to effectively disrupt the new model. I see suggestions to opt-out of sales from 1 June. No need to delete ports unless contributors want to. Just turn them off. There needs to be a clear and concise message and instruction to fellow contributors on various forums on how to opt-out on 1 June, perhaps for a period of two weeks (initially) to send a clear message. A 10% to 20% shutdown of content would suffice to achieve this as shareholders won't be happy with a significant drop in sales and profits. Key is the contributor community need to strike while the iron is hot because this is the only chance you have to make a difference before emotions settle and a new normal sets in. There won't be another chance. Just my humble opinion.
  2. I would of thought the big players will still have the most to lose especially with the reset every January. But then who knows what arrangements are being made with large contributor accounts behind the scenes.
  3. Not lower than 10 cents per image? Or not lower than 10 cents per lisense sale which could contain any number of images? Anyone have clarity on this?
  4. The new pricing structure is going to hit us all but it's going to really hit hard those who make bigger commissions on lower volume sales and long term contributors.
  5. It may be offensive to those who feel it objectifies a particular male appendage. In my home town, it hasn't stopped numerous photos being taken of this ghastly structure some guys may feel is objectifying the male body.
  6. Sounds like a cost cutting move. Hopefully this will help contributors in that the company looks for cost savings from other areas than contributor commissions.
  7. So this past week i squeezed in: SS : 10 sales - all subs AS : Zero AL : Nada P5 : Zilch AL and P5 have basically died... granted I have small ports (AL = 774 images / P5 = 300 vids) but it's basically come down to these agencies having no future for me and the direction microstock is heading probably very little if anything I can do about it. I have 530 files on DT but gave up on this agency months ago. Started on IS a couple of months ago and low sales there to date. Really only leaves SS and AS as the only hope for anything worth continuing with.
  8. Steve fantastic results. Do you still see the download numbers and $$ today or have these slowed down for you over time?
  9. Other helpful websites in these incidences are: www.smackathief.com www.dialahitmanorwoman.com www.bigbabbaw84uinprison.com Hope these help
  10. Wilm, Am I right that some of your images are 3D renderings? If so, what program do you use to create them? They look awesome 3D or otherwise.
  11. Just curious what timeframe was the 989 downloads over? You're the perfect example of a profitable tight niche that microstock buyers want.
  12. I hope I'm just having a bad month because I certainly don't see the worth in uploading in the current environment, not only because of the competition factor but the impact COVID-19 is wreaking on economies which now looks to be spilling over to micro stock.
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