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  1. Six sales this last few days-all at .10c -if they gave them away, I wouldn't notice followed today by three at .81 and one at .12
  2. The point is, in the middle of a pandemic, when people have lost their jobs and businesses have closed,SS decides to increase their profits at the contributors expense. It is low life behaviour.
  3. Its a fairly unique photo-only on SS. I got one of those messages-added to 5 lightboxes which is why I checked it. Always sells around this time of the year. SS might still report the sale when I restore my images. The point I was making though, could you imagine contacting anyone and claiming that they owe you .10c!!
  4. I spotted a photo of mine online this week. Its credited to Shutterstock and I presume they paid for it. I have not been paid for it. I could complain to Shutterstock but why bother -for.10c. i would prefer to give it away.
  5. have a look at this link-a person on lock down in Italy who thought his way around the problem. https://microstockchannel.blogspot.com/2020/05/15-best-selling-stock-photos-taken-at.html
  6. Its a pity that we have to have a thread to try and decipher the reason for the rejection. It is hardly beyond the wit of the reviewer to be specific instead of giving clues.
  7. All St Patrick's day parades in Ireland cancelled. 43 cases today in total and we had our first death reported.
  8. I got that as well-i assume it is an error-no idea what it could refer to.
  9. The word homosexual is not the word used by gay people to describe themselves, https://www.glaad.org/reference/offensive
  10. What about photos of statues, these are also someone else's art, photos of iconic buildings-London's Shard as an example?
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