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  1. Then why stay? Why continue to support SS? Why do you feed their greed? Give it a year then you will be getting 5 cent a image.
  2. Lets look at the positive. Rejected here you cab up load it to a agency that actually pays their contributors a decent rate... Forget SS and move on. Don't continue to feed SS's Greed.
  3. I'm still in the process of moving my port to AS I no longer have anything on SS. As my port grows on AS so do my sales. The only loss I might have on AS is the loss of editorial images that I had on SS, having said that the bulk of my sales on SS were commercial ones. If SS had not changed I would not be on AS. So I just subbed one for another, who pays slightly better.
  4. Up untill recently I only up loaded to Alamy and SS. I pulled my images off SS after the announcement of the new comp structure. At that time I had sold more dollars on Alamy but had a lot more sales on SS. One sale on Alamy equals 20 to 25 on SS. I have moved to Adobe and dream, Adobe is starting to sell like i did on SS and dream sales have been slow. About 6 months before the change I had really cranked up my efforts on SS that effort is now going to Adobe. One weird thing the images I had sold on SS and Adobe never sold on Alamy. They seem to hit different markets.
  5. Alamy is easy to up load to, I sell fewer images there but make more money there
  6. Emotional one, LOL, what is the next step SS demands we pay for the server space our images take up? If this is successful all the other agency's will follow SS and our images will be worthless. Well the works already done so SS deserve's 100% of the profit from our work? Because that will be the next step.
  7. To me it's simple as long as people are willing to send their images to SS and allow them to make money off of the image and not compensate the creators fairly SS will continue to take more from us. Eventually SS will ask us to pay them to host our images. If SS is successful the other agency's will follow. So either stand up to SS now or contribute to the end of stock.
  8. How in the world did those images get approved? I now know what 10 cent images look like. Welcome to the new SS where the buyers dime doesn't buy as much. Hey there is a dead fly on the table let me take a photo of it with my flip phone from 1989.
  9. Were you the hall monitor in school who had to run and tattle tale on every one? Teacher little Joey is running in the hall.......
  10. Were you the hall monitor in school who had to run and tattle tale on every one? Teacher little Joey is running in the hall.......
  11. Is the crooks at SS would have came to me and said things are bad. With everything going on we need a reset. We are going to drop commissions to the new level BUT not have the yearly reset. I would not been as upset. I could have lived with it. Because I know I would get back to the level I need to be at. That's not what happened. This is a greed grab
  12. It might take a wile for the images to disappear on SS servers. I deleted the bulk of my images and it took a few days for them to disappear.
  13. All gone. Been uploading like mad to other agency's. Going on a trip Saturday / Sunday . motel room $53 fuel $50 food $50 so I will spend $153 so if I up load to SS I would have to sell aprox 1100 images to break even. Not gonna feed SS's greed.
  14. I have thought about starting to up load to shuttercrooks again. I working on a collection of dime photos. SS would be the perfect agency for them. What if we flood them with photos of 10 cents of the equivalent? I hope I don't upset stockphotofan(boy)1, I couldn't sleep at night if I did that.
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