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  1. wait for fix from SS after long weekend, I guess
  2. sales is same, but review is slow. Not sure this is good news, they are using AI less now?
  3. same to me, two 0.33 downloads, seems the new system is not online yet. Not sure they will revise these to 0.1 later or not.
  4. nice job, this is also the one I want to achieve, but still no success yet/
  5. I just uploaded these photo without any change yesterday. Today most of them are approved except for one. I think the reviewers are back to normal working mode now. So maybe you want to try your luck as well😄.
  6. Most of photo I submitted in last week were rejected because of noise issue, which never happened so often before, I will try to resubmit maybe few weeks later to try the luck, this sometime is quite annoying.
  7. will be one year in end of this month, up to now 49% Sub 22% SOD 21% ODD 7.5% Enhanced Could I say I have another 0.04% Contributor referrals
  8. thanks for sharing. How can you search the photo in google book? I only did in google image.
  9. I also don't understand "Similar Content" rejection in my cases, so tried to create the technical case and ask them to check and tell me the reason. After that few months, no further feedback.
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