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    Cooking and eating good food, drinking large amounts of wine, doing photography, reading books, working in web development

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  1. Guys, please, let's get united! Maybe, if many of us will stop uploading new content or even block our portfolios, SS will reconsider this shitty decision. I'm not uploading anything anymore. Just waiting for my next 35$ payout and then move elsewhere.
  2. Yep. They keep rejecting 90 percent of my submitted pictures over focus, while the photos. are. absolutely. fine. A use the same camera as always. This bullshit is driving me crazy. When the background is intentionally blured an even when I put to description "intentional blur", they reject it.
  3. OMG, I love food photography, but I would never do this to my food. I usually cook it too, so I couldn't bear spoiling it with glue, dish soap and all that shit.
  4. It It's actually me on the beach pictures. Wonder where those will end up.
  5. Hey guys! I was wondering if there was a way to tell shutterstock you're submitting time sensitive content like events or news. For example, yesterday, there was a huge protest in Prague, counting more than 120 thousands people and i took some snapshots there. It would be pity to have that content reviewed too late. Is there anything we can do to speed the process up?
  6. Difficult to pick just one, but I really like this guy's portrait. He looks so kind and the shoot is perfect.
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