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  1. Smiley is the name of the character of Smiley Face too. So make sure you don't use that as the keyword. The things that get caught up in.
  2. Its like the clicking the wrong button on something. There should be an option for the person evaluating to place it in the proper category. It is literally costing SS money for that reviewer to reject for that reason and have you resubmit.
  3. The new reviewer got their hand slapped for reviewing too many images per hour.
  4. Did you take advantage of one of the adapters with a builtin dropin filter? I've yet to hear anyone say how well that works for them.
  5. Remember that you have to have keywords and descriptions of things that people are looking for. The most wonderful photo might not sell until months later when someone actually goes looking for that particular type of photo. Some photos sell the day they get listed. Others not so much.
  6. If there are distinctive monuments those also can't be in commercial shots. The unique statues part of the notes there seem to be interpreted as any monument of any form, even if you think it is generic.
  7. I passed on the STM lens because of a deal and spent a less than a hundred more on the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM. Dxomark does rate the STM slightly better on the aberration scale between the two. Although I'm afraid my eyesight isn't good enough to notice the difference.
  8. Definitely shouldn't put zoo in the keywords, especially if it isn't in the zoo.
  9. They seen to always want the foreground in focus, even if the subject matter is in focus and makes for a better shot artistically. Trial and error if you are using depth of focus. Pay attention to what gets approved of the shots and you'll hopefully run into less rejections.
  10. It don't think customers would be too disappointed if you misidentified and you were at least close to the family. Spaniel isn't a bad choice. Hard to tell because it also looks like the dog came out of the water so you don't know the texture of the fur. However I think too much of the fur is more orange than normal for the Brittany. Maybe a Springer Spaniel.
  11. Hopefully you are on the clear blue side. The photo doesn't pay enough to have your camera in the torrential rain.
  12. Near the bottom it said: "Accreditation applications for our 2019 event CLOSE MARCH 22nd 2019." So doesn't appear to be a change.
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