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  1. Thanks! Good luck to you, too!!! Now only sales under the extended license save me, and there are a lot of such sales. For 1 year, there was not as much as for this month. The next few months I want to watch is it worth it to stay on Shutterstock without uploading new images.
  2. + 3 images under the extended license. Surprisingly, there are a lot of such sales this month. I haven't uploaded anything new since June 1.
  3. I don't upload anything new, but I didn't disable my port. While the revenue is at the level of last month, but look at the cents and know that a month ago, the revenue for the same number of downloads would have been 2 times more.... eh...
  4. Disgrace. Adults throw tantrums. It is especially disgusting when a man is scandalous...
  5. Oh, no. I will not engage in plagiarism ))) I never copy a photo because it wouldn't be fair.I just watch and get inspired. Just because of the latest news, all the inspiration has gone.
  6. What beautiful photos of animals!!! This is excellent!!! I would really like to draw vector portraits based on these photos. Not for Shutterstock, though...
  7. Well... for 10 cents, I can only sell pictures drawn in 10 minutes. I don't have any of them. Maybe when there is time and I will have nothing to do I will stamp such simple drawings. I will not upload new complex vector images, but let my portfolio remain as an advertisement for my work for private clients. And those cents that are paid here will go to pay for electricity for my work and good sales on other microstocks. I'm afraid Shutterstock will eventually become a drain
  8. Unclear... why did the level remain the same-5, if the —Āommission is already at level 1?
  9. I said above ))) I will optimistically stop uploading until I get back to 30%. This will take me a month. And 4 months to the level of 35%. And I am happy to register on other stocks. Shutterstock forced to expand my horizons
  10. Yes. I registered for Adobe stock 3 months later than for Shutterstock. But the revenue is about the same, although far fewer images are sold than on Shutterstock. Thanks everyone very much for your advice and support! This is very motivating!!!
  11. Sadly. But that means I won't upload new work until it's back to 30%. I won't make any more money in a year...
  12. I don't see any changes... Maybe I'm looking the wrong way?
  13. The administrator's explanations will show who understood correctly and who did not. I'm an optimist
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