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  1. Siriusly? Is this THE ONLY ANSWER we all deserved from the administrators?
  2. Well, good job discovering it after so many people wrote about it eralier in this thread.
  3. SS is like Thanos, new upload method is like a snap. But we all know how it all ended.
  4. Feels like a spit to the face of all the contributors. Shutterstock doesn't hear us at all. At least please give us the OPTION TO CHOOSE. And it would be interesting to hear something from those beta-testers, who are they and why not a single one of them writes something in this feed?!
  5. I absolutely agree with everything written by other authors: these changes make mo sense, they will lead to a much worse quality content. I don't understand why Shutterstock makes such a rules for all the content to become less quality just to fit the new standards?! It's bad both for the contributors and for the clients! Please sign the petition to show SS how many contributors do not agree with their "innovation": https://www.change.org/p/shutterstock-cancel-the-limitation-of-eps-files-to-4-megapixels-on-shutterstock
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