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  1. I like these new rules and I think that 10 cents for an image is too much, but 2 cents would be fine. And in General, it is so disgusting to read you, because we all live for art and not for royalties. Therefore, I propose to ship to the Shutterstock absolutely free of charge, because it is our friend, our close relative practically. We need to understand the complex situation in the world and give up this vile greed and give up the rewards on the Shutterstock completely!
  2. The same story, in my patch there were only 2 of these illustrations, and they were both rejected twice as similars, even after the error was mentioned by the support service. And this has been happening all the time lately. I don't think any of the officials will answer.
  3. Hello, Yes, what is wrong with your inspectors, I am really tired of unjustified rejections of my materials on your site, only on your site, on all other sites, I have no refusals for more than 3 years. Tell me what exactly was offensive in this image (1711268383) that was rejected and then accepted, what are these images like (1711268380, 1711268374, 1711268377) that your vulnerable inspector took them for creepy similars, while not forgetting to accept tons of the same type of backgrounds and icons. How tired they are of creating the appearance of their work. I wrote again to your
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