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  1. Iv'e just received an update from Shutterstock saying "There is no record of anyone downloading this image, including a comp". I replied asking how to go forward as that's literally all the email said and didn't seem remotely interested that the image may have been stolen.
  2. UPDATE: I've just received an email response from the Daily Mail. "Thank you for your email. It may help to know that we have an account with Rex Shutterstcok for images used. I'm afraid we are unable to comment on any arrangement you may have with them regarding payment - they are not a part of our publishing group. We respectfully suggest that you take up this issue directly with them, as you advise you are doing." Still nothing heard from Shutterstock yet. @Kate Shutterstock Can you look into this please?
  3. Only on Alamy but not sold there. It's not on any of my social media either.
  4. It could've but the image hasn't sold, at least from what I can see from my contributor dashboard.
  5. Thanks. I have emailed the Daily Mail to get their response as it looks like the article originated from there. Now it's just a waiting game to see who responds first, SS or the Mail. I've found that too with an image I sold of a theatre, it keeps appearing on "The Stage" website multiple times, Ironically on stories about performance artists rights.
  6. I didn't realise other sites were using it as well. Thanks for the info. I've been through my earnings summery on the website just now, month by month and that image definitely hasn't sold. I also have it on alamy as can be seen by the google reverse search but it hasn't sold there either. Plus its credited shutterstock on all of the sites, if it is indeed stolen, why would they credit who they stole it from? I have emailed infringementclaims@shutterstock.com with my findings and waiting for a reply.
  7. So I just decided to google my name to see if anything came up and came across one of my pictures on the Daily Mail website. The funny thing is I haven't sold that picture but they have credited myself and Shutterstock. Could this be one of SS's free images or has it indeed been stolen? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8803317/Up-350-000-London-motorists-facing-12-50-DAY-charge-Ultra-Low-Emission-Zone-expanded.html
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