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  1. January= 0.55 February= 0.44 March= 0.48 April= 0.35 May= 0.52 June= 0.34 July= 0.31 August= 0.39 Sept (so far)= 0.27
  2. 39 sales and best month so far $£ wise.
  3. @Starsphinx Luckily I haven't had to deal with police yet. Funnily enough there was a police van parked up about 100 meters from where this started and they didn't say anything. @Studio 2 I must say I was looking for an excuse to take up darts 🤣
  4. I decided at the last minute to take a trip to the coast and took my camera just in case. It wasn't a photography trip, just to get out the house really. Anyway I thought I'd get a couple of photos of the arcades on the promenade seeing as there weren't that many people around. After a couple of photos one of the workers from the amusement arcades came up to me and told me that I couldn't take photos inside the store. I knew this anyway but said "okay thanks, I'll just be taking photos of the street and won't come in or take photos inside" He said that I couldn't do that as it's customer policy not to take photos inside the store. To which I replied that I wasn't a customer and wasn't going to go into or take photos inside the stores and I'm allowed to take photos in a public place. He replied "not if I stand in front of your camera". He then proceeded to follow me down the road. I explained to him that I do stock photography in my spare time to which he basically accused me of being a perv. I packed away my camera and after about 5 minutes he got bored and stopped following me. I always take my photos in the most respectful manner and try to respect peoples privacy but this has annoyed me. My camera was in my rucksack most the time and only got it out to take the photos, I wasn't walking with it around my neck. Anyway I got home and looked at the pictures and it turns out he's in one!
  5. The AI is probably thinking the # on your t-shirt or pattern on the trousers is graffiti.
  6. SS = 11 downloads so far including a couple of 59c subs. AL = 0 Both ports same size. For someone who sells mainly editorial SS seems like the best place to be.
  7. I've had a couple of $0.58 subs today, must be a new package for buyers. (I'm level 2 atm)
  8. 24 hours for me. Strange as they were accepted within 30 minutes.
  9. That explains why yesterday I submitted 3 photos, 2 were rejected within a couple of minutes whilst the other sat in the review cue for a few hours before being approved.
  10. I've heard that it's best to use a shutter speed of double the focal length to reduce shake. I mainly shoot with a 35mm prime so keep it above 1/80.
  11. My download numbers are holding up. But one thing I've noticed when using the keyword tool is that people are mainly using covid related keywords in their new images to 'try' to make them relevant. Example, I had some shots from Leicester Square, London so I searched for keywords using the tool and around 90% of suggestions were things like "pandemic, covid, virus" and the photos selected had nothing to do with it covid, maybe just very few people on the street. The pandemic theme has been spammed to death (pun not intended) both in keywords and images.
  12. I know someone who composed some music for a VW advert and the fee was a LOT higher than that (5 figures). Not an exact 1:1 representation of your situation but gives you some reference.
  13. I've just reached more downloads in a month than days. 32 so far 😊
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