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  1. Brutal theft I think you should put a thief statement on your profile pictures.
  2. What kind of logic is there about increasing earnings? ? Even 6 levels sell below 25 cents. They make fun of our minds.
  3. We will all be rich. A few million years later.
  4. SS kazanç bilgisi ekranı değişti. Ben 3 seviyeyim
  5. I can see that Shutterstock shares fell on the new york stock exchange. I hope you can still profit from our back. Wait a minute, I'm not there
  6. I don't think it will be that hard. Lowering 25 cents to 10 cents
  7. I chose to respond without insulting people. You responded to vomit your anger. I think the kou should close
  8. Unless it insults anyone, I don't see any problems when they say it. I do not agree with the SS for the new price rules and I will stop uploading. We are human and they are human emotions. You could just choose not to answer.
  9. We are against violence, whether in our country or in another country. I'm really sorry for Floyd and every country must face history. Every person's intellectual thought must be respected. You have to say this respectfully.
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