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  1. Hi was expecting dire results from ss this week and really not happy about the 10c. Here are my weeks results, I only do editorial and have 1500images. The drop in on demand is also a blow as it took me forever together up to 2nd tier level. Have deleted my top 20 photo and just leaving rest for now. But if my video clips pay me less than $10, they are all coming off. The best way to promote your sites are through blogs using your own photo and backlinks to ss or pond 5 or whatever.
  2. Yes pretty sure it was, as I deleted my portfolio in red mist.... and they keep contacting me to apologise as some newspapers have stored my photo on disc and keep reusing them even though my portfolio is deleted. most infuriating.
  3. HI everyone, very disappointed that ss going down this path. My experience with other places: Deleted my portfolio from Alamy when I received $8 for a video that POND5 paid me $43. Still trying to get to payment threshold on ISTOCK, its not ideal. Deleting my top best sellers from SS. Am mostly editorial but usually made $50/60 month. 10 cents...sorry I am not even sure what that is in pounds ..not worth the hassle.
  4. Hi its great to read all your replies. I have been monitoring my sales over the last 18 months. My most popular download days were Tues and Thursday. I therefore made sure that I uploaded the evenings before or the day before to encourage the algorithms that I was active. I only do editorial but what I love about shutterstock providing this data is that you can use it to analyse your performance and see peak periods and track your progress. I think you do have to set yourself a weekly upload target, even if it is only 4 photo a week. Social media has taught me that slow constant feeding is be
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