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  1. Imagine that a clothing store refuses to accept shirts of different colors, but the same model. Because they are "similar." Moreover, they refuse to accept different sizes of shirts. Because they are "too obviously similar." A buyer is then forced to buy a shirt that does not fit well on them, and at the same time, color that is incompatible with the rest of the wardrobe. How can this be considered a care about the user experience? I support Shutterstock’s desire to clear spam from search results. But maybe you should not identify the possibility of choice with spam? "
  2. Quite regularly my videos are rejected because of "Clip exhibits issues related to frame rate or shutter speed." I believe that in rare cases the curator noticed something like a jello effect after occasional tripod shake and therefore made such a decision. But in most cases, I'm just puzzled. I've got rejections of both camera footage and CGI compositions, with the same explanation about "issues related to frame rate or shutter speed". Recently made a set of shots in a room with studio lighting, totally motionless tripod and theoretically ideal shutter. They were rejected for the sa
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