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  1. I thought June was my BME but July has broken the record...a very good July, no complaints at all. An improvement from 2020...also good at Alamy but very slow at Adobe
  2. Thanks for letting me know, mine have only been up around 4 months now and most of them wildlife in 4K...but it's great news to hear that yours are selling!
  3. Yes I have the same as you...all 5 of them say "in review" we just have to wait and see what happens!
  4. Congrats for your first sale on Pond5!! I have just started to upload videos to them as well, exclusive content, and I only have 40 videos.......how many do you have there and how long did it take you to get your first sale? if you don't mind me asking..
  5. This month has been my BME this year, I thought March was good but this had doubled March DL's and $ ....couldn't be happier....same at A...Y great sales while AS still remains very low ...
  6. my final May figures are in.....an improvement in DL's and $ from May 2020, and so far my 2nd BME for this year!
  7. Totally agree with you, if Africa (and other continents) lags behind, then these "variants of concern" will just keep forming and become more worrisome for even those countries that have high vaccination rates. Without stepping on anyone's toes here or causing a massive argument....Africa has been donated quite a lot of vaccines already but Malawi, DR Congo and (I think) Sudan have already had to return a lot of vaccines before expiry date because there were insufficient amount of people who want vaccines...in my opinion this will be the weakest link. Here in South Africa we are still
  8. I live in South Africa where we have a variant "of concern" we are just about to go into our 3rd wave, apparently the peak in the Western Cape will be end June....at this rate there will be absolutely no travel at all, even though I have family scattered all over the world, we manage on FaceTime or WhatsApp... South Africa seems to be banned by most of the world at this moment, and I totally understand why, so we can't travel freely even if we want to.... Secondly we have only just started our vaccination process and have not even got through half the medical personnel yet...so witho
  9. me too....after a fantastic March here, April became pathetic!
  10. Almost near the end of April and it is only average after March's excellent performance. Compared to April last year, I still need 11 more dl's before I have the same number of sales but April 20 I had top $ due to a sale of one photo for $65.00 this April my highest sale has been $1.75 ....huge difference
  11. I have one image that has been missing for months now and it still isn't showing up ID: 1910320498
  12. I have had this happen to me last month (and recently too) I did get a response from SS to say it's a known bug and they are working on it, the photos are safe in the meantime and don't panic...but that still doesn't tell us if people can see them for sale or if they just slide into obscurity
  13. I submit as editorial with no changes to images at all...
  14. Super strong March for me this year....up from last year DL's and $ and good amount of ODD and SOD, can't complain! Alamy also doing very well...not Adobe!
  15. Nope...mine have all been reviewed within a few hours!
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