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  1. I'm concerned that every time we look at our photos to check our ratings, we push our photos down the list...in other words, nobody is buying it but they're looking...could be totally wrong about this but nevertheless it's a thought! So I'm leaving mine alone now...whatever it is...it is, we can do nothing about it anyway!
  2. so did I lets wait for the money to roll in LOL .... Alamy doing much better for me than this site! Good luck in level two ...
  3. I have been wondering the same thing....I sold 4 photos over December/January for approx $150.00, all four had been declined on this site but accepted at Alamy (and exclusive) and sold fairly quickly. I have also seen searches on Alamy that have never sold there, but sold here for a few dollars....does make me wonder as well
  4. my sales on SS for December were roughly the same as December '19 ...nothing great, but the interesting thing was that 3 photos that were rejected here for focus and noise etc sold on Alamy for high prices as I didn't bother to try again and resubmit to SS so I made them exclusive to Alamy...
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