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  1. +1 ...at first I thought this was irony, someone choosing to make us understand why so many photos are getting rejected...but now, not really sure and you have hit the nail on the head with your statement!
  2. I hava a graph similar to yours now....it looks very strange indeed! Congratulations by the way
  3. Congrats!! yes I have just had exactly the same experience as you....was thinking April would be a write off, was a great surprise in the end!
  4. It looks like that dot in the middle east perhaps, unless you can account for that already, I have had this happen on the odd occasion and normally a few days later, as Charles says, the dot changes to a name....they mostly come from countries in the Middle East in my instance!
  5. Zulu is the native language of the South African black people who reside mainly in Kwazulu Natal....where I come from in Cape Town, the main African black language is isiXhosa or just simply Xhosa hope that helped out?! and yes it is the most widely spoken African language in SA ....next comes Xhosa
  6. very slow start to the month for me, once again only subs....March was only average in the end as well
  7. a few more days left of March and I'm really hoping that it improves somewhat....only 1 ODD the whole month...all the rest 25c subs!!!
  8. thanks for the compliment and so very true, those OD's are like hen's teeth at the moment....ah well, maybe next month! good luck with your sales too...hope there's a huge improvement
  9. 29 subs in a row for the second half of Feb...disappointing!!
  10. hopefully things will pick up soon, the start of my month is normally far better than this!
  11. for the last month I have been fine and suddenly the rejections have started up again...if I submit in the morning, most get rejected, I wait for late afternoon to submit again and they get through!
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