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  1. Hi! Thank you very much for taking a moment and answer me! I appreciate that I see what you say and I going to keep it mind (i never stop learning thats a good thing!) About the space yes I had to work at home because the quarantine in my country was a little bit long so I had to make decisions about what and how photograph something just to keep on working. Thank you! Regards!
  2. Hi Evgeniia! I never reach the minimun to earn a payout yet I just made a few sales per month (one or three top) so far I start in Photoshop this year so yes I have a lot to learn about proccessing photos, you think that the interiors photos need a lot more of process? About food photography Im agree they are not good and honestly It's not my type but I wanted to give it a try (and doesn't work obviously jaja) and I was surprised tha SS aprove them, but definitly I have to do a better research about how to make good food photos. Thank you for your response ! Regards!
  3. Hi Linda! Thank you very much for your response! I appreciate it you are right about the keywording in the photo you mention I think there are too many unuseful words there and I believe that I made the same mistake in others photographs so I have to check that... To be honest I wasn't thinking too much as a buyer so far so that is an advice that I going to take I'm still on the way of learning aboutmicrostock and how it works! Thank you very much! Regards!
  4. Hi PomInPerth! Thank you for the response! Yes I'm aware about the fact that most of the images are the most readily available, at first I thought that was a way to start in microstock you know but I'm in the way of finding ''my style'' or what to shoot... Thank you very much for yours words! Regards!
  5. Hello everyone hope you're doing fine. I don't know why but it's feel a little bit embarrasing for me to ask this but i need to know if i'm a doing something wrong because despite i know that i don't have a great portfolio I don't make much sales (to be honest one per month, or three If I'm lucky and that doesn't happen to me in AS or Getty were sales are much better with the same portfolio) so basically I want to know what do you people think if my port sucks or If I'm doing something wrong tagging the images or doing the descriptions. Thanks to all.
  6. Thank you! yes I uploaded this photo a few months ago but I discovered the forum recently so I wanted to take my chance and know what the pros like you think about it. Thank you again I aprecciate it.
  7. Hi!, thank you. The effect was kind of luck. I reflected the sunlight in the glass that protect the lens.
  8. Laurin how are you?, thank you for the replie. Yes i believe the same but what happen to me with this in particular was that i didn't wanted to let the trademark visible and now I believe that I exagerate a little. Thank you for the recomendation.
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