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  1. Hi, there, I think you have an interesting portfolio and you can also see your progress in technical photography. I am a newbie both as a photographer and contributor... so from my modest position I feel like telling you not to give up. The results will come... Maybe you could focus more on photographic post-production: finding more trendy and captivating moods. Also in keywords and image indexing you have to be very careful and meticulous, it's a process in progress. On the earnings I would say that if one had the opportunity to do 100 photo shoots a year, 100 topics that are in f
  2. great list... Thanks to this list I discovered that a contributor placed on the market about 3000 photos all the same: the names of the cities photographed on road maps. Depth of field, selective focus and tripod. I found what to do as a winter pastime, when I'm short of ideas. 😁
  3. Hello, everyone, I'm almost at the finish line of 2000 photos uploaded on SS. And I realized that I had abandoned the organization of the catalog for many months ... how do you deal with the organization of the sets? Do you think it is useful to do it, both for you and for the customer? Some advice on how to order photos? example by general topic or day of shooting? I wish you a good day
  4. Good morning, everyone, I have a curiosity about the number of photos/downloads. I have a portfolio of about 1800 photos but I sold (some just once, others more than a hundred times) just under 300. According to my data only 16% of the photos I upload are sold. What percentage of the photos I upload are sold to you?
  5. I am very excited to get to these goals... do you think I'll get there first for $500 or 1000 photos?
  6. I'm interested in this discussion because I often get this anomaly too. Sometimes the same subject, most of the cityscape, is considered editorial once, the one after commercial... I don't think there are any defined guidelines...Reviewers sometimes make mistakes Does this also work for historic buildings, such as a famous castle in Europe, or a central square in a capital city, etc.?
  7. The worst automatic translations I've found are those of DT!!! when an italian contributor feels blue about his sales, he go on DT to read titles...LOL last year I went on a vacation to Portugal, to Lisbon. I published many photos of the trip on SS, and other agencies, but, I struggled with the names of the places. I put the original name in English in addition to the original name, because in some cases the originals were crippled or invalidated.
  8. Yes, I totally agree... Another funny things is the translation... I look at some of the portofolio of the participants in the discussion : there are photos that have 45/50 in english, and somethimes the kws are multi kws (ex: blue sky concept)... When I change the language in italian the keywords are dismembered into more than 100 kws!!! are buyers looking for in English or... in their own language?
  9. It's only an example... if "elasticsearc" works as I told on my first post, it is preferable use less kws. You have to decide which kws are better and relevant
  10. I fully agree, I use the same tecnique, but the point is...more or less kws... The algorithm named "elasticsearch" works in this way: the more kw you put the less relevance each of them has. So if I upload on AdobeStock (that use it), 20 kws very pertinent is better than 40 kws pertinent. Alamy search engine works backwards Why does an agency choose to use elasticsearch? because it seems to be very fast compared to other systems... I understand that no one really knows how the Shutterstock search engine works. And probably, every agency use a specific search engine or a customized sy
  11. me too, but in lightroom the problem remains on the kws: on some agencies the more you put the better, on others the less you put the better. But how search engines work...a mystery
  12. Okay, but then it gets a lot more complicated when it comes to presenting your work!!! For example I, in my workflow, use lightroom: I choose a different title from the description of the photo and try to put as many kws as possible (maximum 50). And I try to make sure that they are relevant of course. This allows me to have an exported jpeg with the metadata ready to use for the different agencies in which I am registered as contributor. Now some agencies automatically choose the title, others the description (SS chooses the latter, while AdobeStock chooses the title). Others want tit
  13. The work of inserting the kw is perhaps the longest part (and boring) and at the same time more important than the work of the contributor. Recently, I read on a blog of Italian contributors, an interesting discussion about the number of keywords. I discovered that microstock agencies used different search engines. For example if an agency uses the system "elasticsearch" more kw you put less relevance each of them has. Which would mean that reaching the maximum of 50 kw is not really useful. Conversely, other research systems promote photos that have a higher number of kw. No
  14. Thank you for the interesting remarks you have written to me. Specifically, my reflection now shifts to the aesthetic aspect of the photostream. Somewhere in the SS blog, I read that often customers are loyal to a photographic "brand" and often those who are happy with the photo they found on a stream, will revisit the same months to follow ... Well, with the numbers that are now there I strongly doubt you can think of something like this ... there are hundreds of beautiful streams ... and in my opinion, a person looks for photos, and that's it. Not reference photographers. Now I will
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