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  1. Already blocked my images since June ..... and will probably block my footage as well because these ridiculous prices will undercut my sales elsewhere. SS has become a complete waste of time.
  2. Familiar with the experiment where they placed some frogs in a pot with warm water? They slowly heated the water till cooking point and the frogs stayed in, too dumb to realize they were being boiled to death.................. Ring a bell?
  3. Apparently you don't seem to understand you're COMPLETELY ruining the photography business by accepting these insulting $ 0.10 sales. Wait a little longer and you don't have a business at all, the way it is going. But you're too blind to see that. You're addicted to the daily peanuts they're handing out. B.t.w. I make a living solely from stock and I don't need microstock to sell my images. And another remark: we all don't live in third world countries. The world is a little bit bigger than just India. If you didn't notice yet, SS is based in New York, in the prestigious and super expensive Empire State Building. Those who run SS are bathing in money and have a BIG FAT ZERO respect for you beggars (I wouldn't even dare to give $0.10 to a beggar). I bet SS's CEO is reading this forum and laughing his butt off about you lot, STILL cheering and continuing as if nothing happened. You dare to tell people - who are not in this business - you got $0.10 for an image???? You must be damn' proud to be a "photographer".
  4. The truth hurts? B.t.w. I see your images are still for sale. Thought you said you'd turn them off.
  5. 100 (HUNDRED !!!!! ) downloads for $ 35 ....... after 3 months of hardwork. Incredible reactions 🥴 No wonder SS lowered your cut to 10 cents. I wont be surprised if in a few months they'll reward you - spineless lot - with 5 cents. Apparently, it is dead easy for SS to get away with it. You'll still be cheering like a bunch of 3-year-olds getting a lollypop (b.t.w. a chuppa chups costs 60 cents).
  6. When I see those sales dropping in, I delete my video port immediately ..... as you did. I already deleted my images.
  7. And that - ladies and gentlemen - is how you support the downward spiral.
  8. Well ..... the harm is done, isn't it ...... for the WHOLE photography business, not just MS agencies.
  9. What do you expect for 0.10 $ 😉 Really, you expect me to devote much of my time for ....... 0.10 $. Are you serious ...??? B.t.w. being professional or amateur has nothing to do with it. Being happy with 1/100th of the normal price has. Did they point a gun to your heads and forced you all to join MS? I don't think so. You all volunteered to work for a peanut in times when agencies worked on a 50/50% basis and prices for magazine publications in the range of 50-150$ were standard. If nobody supported microstock in the first place, we wouldn't be in this mess. Honestly, you don't feel exploited, squeezed like a lemon, when you see a picture of yours on the cover of a magazine and you were paid less than a dollar while such a license is worth at least $ 250? Do microstockers have no pride? You're as much respected as poor sods that roam the streets in search for empty bottles. What's the current price for empties? That's what has become of photographers thanks to microstockers.
  10. I guess that's what you get when you contribute to ruining the photography market. So really, you shouldn't moan. Microstockers have COMPLETELY ruined the photography business by working for less than 1/100th of the normal price. You get now what you bloody well deserved. For crying out loud, a correct price for a magazine cover should be 250$ but you short-term-thinking idiots were perfectly happy with 0.25$ and now - o horror - you all panic because you gonna loose half a peanut. What's the saying in English? "One must lie in the bed one has made". I'm with SS mainly for video footage and I run a little experiment with images so I know what I'm talking about when I criticize those who are responsible for this "carnage". PS: I'm a fulltime pro photographer (started in 2002) who lives solely from stock and I do NOT need MS for doing so. 98% of my images are RM.
  11. Hahahahaha .... the reactions have been disabled on Youtube 😄 Why would that be? Hahahahhaha 😄
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