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  1. Thanks. I saw lots of comments using 3000 pixels and deleted my question.
  2. My editorial photos are often approved/ rejecteded in minutes. Commercial submissions can take over a day. As a side note I find my approval rate is much higher when submitted after midnight (California.) I'm also wondering if computer AI review time and approval rate somehow takes into consideration your sales to submission ratio?
  3. Others on the forum have also mentioned downsizing to get photos approved. But, I'm not quite sure how to export to exactly 5MP? Is this just a Photoshop option? Using Lightroom (sourced from my 5D mkii) my exports are usually Image sizing 5184 pixels, Resolution 300 pixels and Quality to 100. Which one do I decrease and to what value to achieve 5MP? Thanks.
  4. Recent threads indicate all SS reviewers are based in India. Try submitting during their business hours.
  5. Just my guess, but perhaps it is the light brown "misty" boarder with light opacity that has confused the computer AI?
  6. I understand these are available with the free trial. Once complete can you download and share the created video? How many will they let you do for free?
  7. Three dots (...) was what I used to cut and paste keywords successfully before - (when both images were not yet submitted.) Just found the way to do it with a photo already in the port to one not yet submitted. Use three dots (...) as before, highlight keywords click copy. Open submit content image, BUT this time don't click three dots (...) instead click directly on keyword line and select paste from the top banner drop down. ... Guess many of you knew this all along, but it has been a hiccup for me.
  8. David A Litman, Maybe my outdated browser? I'll try Chrome instead of Safari and see if that works.
  9. Submitting a series of new images it's easy to cut and paste keywords from one photo to the next. Is it possible to do the same with keywords already accepted in my port? Catalog Manager allows me to highlight an old photo's keywords and click copy, but navigating to submit content it won't allow me to paste. Is there a way to do this?
  10. My most recent sales don't have it, but it is interesting to hear you are seeing the double watermark too.
  11. On my Dashboard page, in the "Latest download " column. Clicking the thumbnail shows the double watermark for the two I copied. The other thumbnails appear normal.
  12. Noticed that a couple of my recent sales have a double Shutterstock watermark on the thumbnails, is this a glitch or something else?
  13. This is how the future will be for all stock agencies. First, they lower contributor's payout percentage. In the furture - if you don't meet a certain threshold of sales they'll charge you to host those pictures glutting up their servers. Too much content that isn't selling cost them money to store.
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