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  1. Thanks for the link. (Found another paragraph that may let them off the hook.) "right to distribute... across unlimited mediums and distribution channels." Contracts seem to be written in a way that the lawyers can charge clients for hours interpreting their meaning.
  2. oleschwander, Can you provide the link for this contract info? Thanks.
  3. I don't think the individual radio stations are at fault. Think the problem is with the buyer, but I'm interested to learn what is written in the shutterstock agreement. (my original post has been edited for clarity)
  4. My photo sold once for 25 cents and was placed on over 83 seperate independent websites.
  5. I feel royalty free should only allow for the use in one location. It shouldn't allow the photo to be reposted to other independent websites.
  6. Shutterstock sold one of my photos once. This image was included in a news story which has been reposted to over 83 unique and different radio station websites. Is this allowed under the terms of the purchase agreement, or has the buyer violated the contract? (edited for clarity)
  7. Yesterday, (June 15th) Shutterstock sent an email to notify that I was now in their Level 3 (251-500 downloads/ 25% royalty) tier for contributors. Problem is, I've had over 500 downloads since mid May - so should be in their Level 4 (500+ downloads/ 30% royalty tier.) Anyone experience something similar?
  8. Not going to give up on Shutterstock just yet. Sure the .10 cent sales have been disturbing, but today was my best day ever. We're only on the 9th of the month and this is already my best month ever (uploading for 14 months/ 744 images in port.)
  9. Shutterstock's possible future tactic to counteract contributors who have disabled their photos could be to charge an annual "hosting/storage fee" for using their servers.
  10. Thank you Phil. I'll check it out in addition to looking for no cost options.
  11. Adding photos to several agencies it gets easy to forget their status. Can anyone suggest a spreadsheet app to track each photo's (accepted/rejected/sold) across multiple agencies?
  12. I'll live with Shutterstock's required 7 keywords and add more after approval. Had no idea Alamy had an all or nothing approach. Guess I'll only submit single images there.
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