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  1. I hadn't made a dollar in a whole week with 8 sales and yesterday I had by biggest sale ever, making October 2020 my best month since I started. 63.32$ from a single image. Who understands the world of stock photography...
  2. 0.10, 0.13, 0.10, 0.10, 0.10, 0.10... In a few more days i'll be able to pay for a coffee in a bar.
  3. I uploaded a few pictures a week ago (21/sept) and they were accepted. One of them didn't show up in my gallery tho, and still hasn't. I've uploaded a few more pictures since then and they are all visible, but that one isn't yet. Any ideas? @Kate Shutterstock
  4. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/adorable-family-stray-cats-looking-camera-1806097681
  5. Damn, 52$ !! Sold this one for 4,17$
  6. Lets see if complaining works: 7 days, 10 downloads, 1.01$ money made. 10 subs. Awful.
  7. I'm sorry if I sound rude but you'll have to step up your game. Competition is high and low quality images won't make you money. If it helps, when I joined Shutterstock for the first time (a year and few months ago) I stopped uploading for about 3 months because I realized I simply didn't know enough about photography. I other words, I was a bad photographer. I learned as much as I could from this forum, where you can find valuable threads, and researching on the Internet. After a few months I came back and started uploading again, with little success at first. Now I'm selling around 40 pictures per month and I've made 138$, which is a small amount for more than a year. You'll have to upload GOOD pictures and A LOT of them. You should know too that there are some styles of photography that sell a lot more than others. You'll have to be a very good nature or wildlife photographer and upload a looot of images to make money from them. Lifestyle pictures, or products, or people working sell a lot more. Keep in mind that this is a market and it has demands. Simply shooting trees or grass won't work. Hope it helped.
  8. 3 days, 7 sales, 0.71$ earned... yep.
  9. Thanks for your answer. It's a shame you are leaving, I think there are many of us who look up at your portfolio, but understandable if earnings are low...
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