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  1. 31,5% of my portfolio (202 out of 640 images) has sold at least once. Been here for two years, and about a year ago I was only at a 12%, which is a good improvement I guess. Still, long way to go until I make some solid money.
  2. That sluggy thing in the background is something the lizard vomited right before this picture. He was showing me his back while vomiting tho, so I missed that shot.
  3. I'm averaging 75-80 DLs per month with a 620 images port and I rarely have more than one day without sales, mostly on weekends.
  4. I got one for the first time last month, and another two since then. All for 0.10$, but still. I want my money back, SS.
  5. Has happened to me lately too. Its frustrating to waste even more time reuploading, but it usually works. What really pisses me off is the "similar content" rejections. They don't make any sense at all.
  6. Hey Ernest. I'm a nature photographer as well and I have taken and sold some bushcraft pictures too. After two years on SS I think selling nature images in general (wildlife, woodlands, landscapes, macro, etc) does sell, but theres a lot of competition and it's both a saturated and demanded market. You have to have A LOT of images to make some money and they have to be quality and unique/original pictures. To be more precise, I think woodland images are hard to sell unless you have very good ones. Theres are lot of amazing photographers taking this style of images. About wildlife, I've s
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