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  1. same here on chrome in windows have to key in one by one ~~~
  2. Thank you all for your precious information, I just earn my first 0.99 on AS yesterday, hope it will be more and more in the future
  3. even non-editorials are also different。。。
  4. Dear all, I just join AS within one month, but seems both sites are very different in selling result~~~ How many of you contribute both SS and AS? Is the result very different ??
  5. Oh so it just to cover many people's mistake? And they actually need to key in aerial? Right?
  6. But if I try to search Arial, have below choices...and the result is similar with Aerial.
  7. Hi Dears, What's the difference between arial and aerial? Are they similar? Thank you
  8. I meet same issue and I submit again. I don't find any resubmit button
  9. Hello, I shoot file in 6000X4000 and I am sure I upload original file. But when I search it, it shows original size shows 5000X3333 Resolution changed after upload? Do you find this issue??
  10. sorry to hear that, but this forum maybe not the correct channel to escalate
  11. Hi, Just new to upload footage and some videos rejected due to excessive noise, Any software you guys use to reduce footage noise on MAC or windows? Thank you all
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