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  1. Just be sure that if the photo is of a specific/identifiable location, you state in the title that the photo has been flipped.
  2. Interesting idea. But wouldn't that make the photo less useful? From my recreation marketing perspective, images need to match what a recreational activity participant would see...
  3. And then eventually even that will be censored because our images suggest there are things outside the government's control.
  4. Makes me tempted to leave. Not as much because of the policy - as abhorrent as I think it is - but because of the disregard for the company's ethically conscientious employees.
  5. Good point... but it should be classified as broadcast with higher prices for convenience. IMHO.
  6. I don't see anything in the article about lower prices or payouts... did I miss something? It seems it would make more sense to have higher prices for mobile, if anything...
  7. March was going okay (I.e., better than a disastrous February)... "was" being the operative word. On the bright side, maybe such poor performance will mean that I will see an "increase" later this year. (Logical flaws in previous statement were intentional.)
  8. +1. I failed the 7 out of 10 first time around. And that's a good thing - my work wasn't what it needed to be. So if SS applies the old standard (to all of us), I'm happy. Again I ask @Mikhaylovskiy what the specific rejections were.
  9. What specific rejections are you getting?
  10. You ask a legitimate question. It happens that I assessed each of those sets a few days ago; all but one set were submitted long before I developed the method I now use.. Here's what I concluded: The beaver photos are substantively different; depending on what a customer wants to illustrate - and more than one has been chosen - though I may decide to get rid of one or two anyway. I agree I need to get rid of one of the dog photos, but I haven't decided which one. The two drills are doing something completely different - that someone who needed one of them would likely recognize and appreciate. These I submitted recently and aren't similar. The two admittedly similar power saw images have both sold, so I haven't decided whether to get rid of one or not but I probably will. As far as the similar landscape photos that I assume you are referring to, most were submitted some time back and I am gradually purging those that are essentially duplicates of lower quality. If I have missed something, please send me a private message and list them so I can take a fresh look. Thanks!
  11. I imagine that there are a lot of distinct images you could get from graveyards. A "subject" as I was using the term would be a specific scene/area. Also, the method I referred to for avoiding similars is what I have found works... If it wouldn't work for you, I would hope you wouldn't use it.
  12. I had three (definitely different) illustrations take about a week to get approved, while photos in the same batch were approved within 24 hours.
  13. +1! Thanks for the (quite logical, when I stop and think about it) idea. ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  14. My approach - which isn't fool-proof but has seemed to work well - is to: 1. Ask myself, which image do I think has the greatest commercial or editorial potential - considering subject coverage, flexibility, utility, and technical quality? 2. Do I have other images of the same subject that would offer a distinct alternative - vs. slight difference - that might be a better option for some customers? 3. Don't submit any other images of the same subject. My 10ยข.
  15. Resolved: That forum response content be limited to constructive comments that do not put our fellow contributors in a negative light.
  16. It took more than a year for me to get any consistency - and that was largely thanks to a single near-daily seller. Now I still see a lot of fluctuation, but it is unusual to go multiple days without sales. Same goes for the other agency I'm on - but there it only took about a month to get my first "hit" image.
  17. An explanation from @Kate Shutterstock , please? Talk about bad contributor service...
  18. I am impressed with the size of your portfolio. While I can't speak to illustrations much (I almost exclusively do photography), I would encourage you to look at individual images and see if you can easily fill in one of these statements: Marketers in [industry] would use this image to sell [product/service category]. People blogging about [subject] would use this image as a visual. Journalists reporting on [subject] would use this image as a visual. This isn't a perfect test, but if I can't immediately fill in one of these statements, my image probably has a very low chance of selling.
  19. Welcome to SS. 1. Once my photos are ready to upload (edited, keyworded, and exported), it would take 5 minutes if I'm under 20 photos. However, I spend 2-4 minutes editing and keywording each image - something I still need to improve a lot. If I think an image will take longer, I skip it unless I think it has serious commercial potential in a niche. 2. Less than 5% of my portfolio is from dedicated stock projects. Everything else was either multi-purpose (with stock included), pulled from my archives/second-thought, or opportunistic (because it's there). My top sellers were completely unplanned - except for having my equipment handy. That said, it really depends on your subject-matter (e.g., I've found multi-purpose model shoots to be ineffective). 3. You've got a fair number of good images. However, almost all of those that stick out to me are either editorial or nature. Nothing wrong with either (coming from a nature photographer), but editorial images obviously have a limited market and nature photographs are in epic supply. So... I would work a lot on unique, commercially valuable, non-editorial images. IMHO.
  20. Only 3 so far? I think someone might be suppressing your port... Same # as someone I know while they have a micro-port compared to yours. (I am at least half-serious.)
  21. Generally in the United States, published photos (that includes every searchable image on SS) can be shared for comment, criticism, or education without permission (see 17 USC).
  22. There has been a fair amount of confusion about this, but I have NOT found any indication that permissible sensitive uses have been expanded. Restrictions on sensitive uses still apply. The change is that we can't say we don't want our photos of identifiable people licensed for the three permissible sensitive uses.
  23. Usually if I get a rejection I discover that the reviewer was right; either I fix and resubmit, or I let it be. But then yesterday happened... I got 2 images rejected because the title needed to be specific and in English. Both images had very specific, accurate titles that were spelled correctly - in English. Go figure. I resubmitted.
  24. I suppose we could just use @geogif photos to illustrate our advice instead if it's wrong to use our own (since we can't be certain about the circumstances of his photos, techniques used, etc.)... ๐Ÿ˜‰
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