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  1. This made me look at the situation in a new way: As Shutterstock "races to the bottom" as far as pricing, they want to take us with them, rather than be burdened with high minimum royalties (e.g., 25¢ for a sub)... With this new structure, they can drop all image prices to 11¢ and still be guaranteed a cut. Brilliant, right?
  2. I suspect that we are viewed as "assets" that can depreciate in value and be "retired from service." I still remember from my undergraduate days that a professor said he viewed students as commodities (I could be wrong about the exact term he used) provided to future employers - not students paying for his services.
  3. Shutterstock answers that question here: https://www.shutterstock.com/pricing (The"most popular" indicators don't show on mobile devices.) A warning: The answers couldn't be much worse.
  4. Except the subscription beans have already pretty much run out. (Even at tier 6, sub payments above 19 cents will be few and far between.)
  5. I see that I missed something important... Those who have contributed more to SS (like you) will get more of a pay cut. Makes complete sense, right? 🙄
  6. I suppose it would be rejected for "inappropriate content"...
  7. You might give your photos a month or so... It looks to me like our pay might go up briefly before it sinks. Makes sense to me to take advantage of it (if I'm right).
  8. I managed to get a screenshot; I'd post it but I think it would just be deleted...
  9. I see that @Mentzos Images last post - and my quote of it a few minutes later - were deleted. 🤔
  10. Why do you "hope" other people will delete their accounts? Are you recommending that people delete their accounts for their own benefit?
  11. I developed projections for the rest of this year based on the "restructuring" to see if it makes sense to leave my portfolio active after June 30 (my tentative "shut-down" date). Based on two fact-based assumptions, I anticipate actually benefitting slightly from the change by the end of this year. But when it resets in January ... 😏
  12. Since (a) SS says its most popular subscription pack is the 350/mo, (b) most of my downloads are subs, and (c) I'm in tier 3, I expect that my typical commission will drop from 25¢ to 12¢ on June 1. I'll probably see what happens in June and then leave, unless things go way different than I expect.
  13. It makes sense if the goal is to substantially reduce the ever-cumbersome payouts to us contributors... It's not like we are necessary, are we?
  14. Someone, please tell me my math is wrong... … Because if I'm right, not even the most successful contributors will make 25 cents on most subscription downloads...
  15. Normally 10 cents, sometimes maybe a little more.
  16. Generally, we contributors will get 10 cents per sub.
  17. I've done it, but only when I am confident that the building couldn't be positively identified.
  18. I have a "to submit" folder on my hard-drive where I put photos that are titled and key worded. I only upload them when I'm ready to click submit. But that's just me.
  19. I'm not certain if it helps, but I've figured it can't hurt - and I can monitor revenue by category that way (as long as I properly catalog every photo I upload).
  20. I'm not an attorney so can't (and wouldn't) give legal advice, but my personal take on it in the United States from research I've done for my own purposes is that: (1) The fact that something is called a "trademark" dish/item has no effect in itself. The issue I see is if a particular food item were explicitly used in a logo, and thus an argument could be made that the photograph included a trademark. (Though I doubt that if a logo includes a generic pie, a similar (?!) looking pie couldn't be photographed.) (2) I don't recall ever hearing of it being done, I would think it's possible for a recipe to be patented - in which case I suppose the resulting dish might be protected in some way. For this reason, I would be cautious about dishes that appear to be absolutely exclusive to a particular place. My 10¢. Btw, nice work (cooking and photograph)! P.S. Anyone who does anything based on "advice" or "input" in this thread does so at their own risk.
  21. I agree, but don't get it. What does "recognition" - as in, one or two downloads for a newbie - accomplish? Ego-building?
  22. A few thoughts: How long has it been since you started uploading? It can take weeks, if not moths, before a first sale - and then sometimes weeks or months more before another sale. Depends on a lot of factors. How relevant and comprehensive are your keywords? Are you asking the question, "if I were a customer who would value this illustration, what keywords would I search?" Ask that question from as many perspectives as needed until you have 35-50 keywords. That said, especially early on, I recommend using the keyword tool accessible from your dashboard. I've been around for years, and still use it some. A lot of your illustrations are very basic/simple. Nothing wrong with that - but the simpler an illustration is, the more likely a potential buyer will simply do it themselves. I did an illustration similar to but slightly more detailed than this one of yours, but even it has never sold: Some of your illustrations have "placeholder words." I strongly recommend leaving a blank area - people who need the illustration know what words they want to put with it and don't want to take the time to remove the words you've inserted. My thoughts. Now, let the arguments, criticism, and name-calling begin! (Or not, please - seriously.)
  23. This is looking to be my best month so far this year (though that's relative to three below-average months). Looking like I'm going to exceed payout. So yes, I think there's hope. That said, almost all of my sales are in some way relevant to COVID19...
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