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  1. I did a search on SS earlier today out of curiosity and found that most of the "fresh" content was of low quality I didn't think would be accepted... let alone come up at the top of fresh content. Where did all the top-notch contributors go? 😉
  2. Congrats (genuinely)! Just think... now with the new royalties structure, you're guaranteed to earn that much again with 45,559 new downloads! 🤔
  3. To pick one of mine, go here: https://www.pond5.com/artist/gregdphotos. (I disabled my SS port).
  4. I looked briefly at your portfolio and didn't see anything that struck me as similar, but their algorithms may have found something. I am aware, though, that strict standards regarding "similars" (https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/en_US/kbat02/Why-was-my-content-rejected-for-Similar-Content?l=en_US&c=ContributorKB%3AContent_Rejection_Reasons&fs=Search&pn=1) were implemented several months ago. Contributors have expressed substantial frustration regarding inconsistent implementation/interpretation of this standard (here's just one of the threads here: https://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/99963-what-is-the-judgment-of-a-similar-image/?tab=comments#comment-1835032). I never had a big issue with it but still found it confusing and did get some rejections for this reason. A month ago, I would have suggested resubmitting to see if you get a different result. Now, I would urge you to consider ceasing to submit altogether based on the new earnings structure. IMHO.
  5. If I want to minimize the usability but still look good, I'd keep it to about 1 megapixel. But I don't know the magic number (if there is one).
  6. Apparently my performance on AS was tied directly to my SS contributions. The same day my SS deactivation took effect, my AS earnings (which were better than SS) nearly disappeared and haven't recovered.
  7. Contributors with ports above 20,000 don't tend to participate on these forums.
  8. I have three recommendations: 1. Make exceptionally unique (while remaining useful) illustrations. 2. Do your titling and keywording really well (check out various threads around here with comments on this topic). Think like the customer - what would motivate them to find your illustration, and what keywords would they search? 3. Sell somewhere other than SS, where you have a royalty guarantee higher than 10 cents.
  9. I disabled my SS portfolio last weekend. Since SS actually turned it off, I have not had a single sale on the other agency I contribute to. For over a year, I've consistently had a fair number of sales every week on said agency. Is anyone else having this experience?
  10. In your dashboard, go to Account Settings (upper right corner) > Licensing Options (lower right). Choose "No" for photo and video. Click "Save Settings." I've heard it can take 72 hours or so for it to take effect, but mine seemed to take effect within 24 hours.
  11. For all of us who disabled sales... May 30: June 1 So... according to SS, their database increased by 163,608 images in the past two days. 🤔
  12. I'm not going to let SS sell my photos for 10-19 cents. I turned off sales, rather than delete. If I pick up that most sales are higher (i.e., most subscription sales are from 50 or 10 packs), than I might turn it back on. But put simply, our photos are worth more than 10-19 cents and videos are worth more than 50 cents. To let SS sell them is to say they're worth that little.
  13. Disabled mine last night; I guess it will take a few days for it to take effect.
  14. I started seeing steady earnings when a couple images "caught on." But my earnings will be a steady $0 starting Monday because of SS's latest "margin enhancing initiatives."
  15. I don't have my calculations in front of me (I'll be tier 3 on Monday), but I recall the range being 10¢ - ~19¢ except for 10 and 5 packs (those were a little more).
  16. According to SS, the 350 pack is their most popular sub pack. No way to know for sure if it's true, but I would have guessed that anyway. And if it is... my sales history indicates an effectively guaranteed 25%+ cut. And I'm in tier 1 now but would move to tier 3. Much worse for those currently in higher tiers, likely even those who would jump to tier 6. Careful financial math doesn't lie (though doesn't necessarily guarantee,, either).
  17. I agree it would take at least tier 3 or 4 - and that for most of the year. Yet even tier 6 contributors will get less than 25¢ on 750 and 350 sub packages. And SS has specifically stated that whether or not customers use their entire subscription won't effect what we get paid.
  18. Actually, under the current structure, contributors starting out make $1.88 on $9 sales. So $1.39 will definitely be a pay cut.
  19. The problem is that your suggestion invokes the concept of "fair." My impression is that is not something SS is willing to consider.
  20. Very interesting. The thing I don't understand is how large contributors will stay when they are only paid about 15¢ per sub at tier 6...
  21. Interesting poll... if only the payout structure proposed were hypothetically possible: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SX28KXN
  22. Yesterday, I contacted contributor support with this question: Regarding the payout structure change to take effect on Monday: Do you have projections for the year-over-year effect on earnings by contributors who reach tier 2 in March, 3 in May, and 4 in September? Here's the answer I got today: Please be informed, our new compensation model is designed to reward content creators for producing quality work that is fresh, relevant and in-demand by our customers. By resetting the royalty levels each year, we aim to provide an avenue for contributors to be fairly rewarded for content that is performing well at the current time. The adjustments are being made to align with changes we have been seeing in the global market for creative content. They also help to create fair opportunities for all our contributors, and reward performance with greater earnings potential. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime.
  23. Here are the key facts I see so far regarding still images: No contributor will get 25 cents (let alone 33 cents, etc.) from any 750 or 350 subscription plans under any tier - and 350 plans are allegedly the most popular. With 50 and 10 subscription plans, payments will generally (but not always) be above 25 cents, but less than what higher-tier contributors are currently seeing. No contributor is likely to get on-demand payments of $1.88 until download 101 in a calendar year. No current high-tier contributor is likely to see an increase in on-demand payments until download 2,501 in a calendar year. Even though I am currently a tier-1 contributor (so don't have a very high pay standard) and will move to the new tier-3 on Monday, I would be likely to see a 25%-33% reduction for the rest of the year IF I stick around... and then everything gets worse.
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