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    Not a bad start for your portfolio. But if you're not already doing this, I suggest that you do two things:

    1. When deciding whether or not to submit a photo you made for purposes other than stock imagery, ask yourself: (a) For what need would someone pay for this image? (b) Does this image meet that need? Only if you can clearly answer those questions do you submit it.
    2. Before taking pictures primarily for stock imagery, ask yourself what need you are trying to meet and how to best meet that need.

    For better or worse, stock photography is less about what we like as creative people and more about exactly what buyers are looking for.


    The problem? Out of focus; no context or clear purpose; dark. The solution: Search Shutterstock for the types of photos you take, and look for patterns in what makes those photos good. Then study, practice, then study and practice some more. And don't let any of us discourage you.

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