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  1. +1 I disabled my portfolio - but I believe it's important to give credit where credit's due.
  2. The publisher probably took advantage of Shutterstock's "Asset Assurance" program, "a safeguard for brands using powerful editorial imagery in campaigns." (https://investor.shutterstock.com/news-releases/news-release-details/introducing-asset-assurancetm-safeguard-brands-using-powerful, https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/asset-assurance-editorial) Here's where it's addressed in contributors' contract with SS: "You agree that Shutterstock may permit Content designated "Editorial Use Only" to be used in a non-Editorial manner at Shutterstock's sole discretion..." (https://submit.shutterstock.com/legal/terms?language=en_US)
  3. Possibly. 4 days into this month, and my trend is even worse than last. "Somethin' ain't right." 😏
  4. Interesting experience for me. I disabled my portfolio at the end of May - so SS never got to pay me the lucrative 10¢. In June, my sales elsewhere was stable. In July... my sales elsewhere dropped like a rock. Interesting that this would happen as I significantly increased all portfolios (other than SS) in June and July.
  5. Pond 5 is said to be good for video; I can't say one way or the other. But photos... not a single sale there.
  6. Until level 6, 10¢ seems to be the norm. Be thankful for your 10% bonus.
  7. So far July has been bad across all agencies for me. My one consolation: SS isn't making a penny off of me.
  8. Usually 10-12 days for me. Used to be around 3 days; I've figured the delay has to do with COVID19 and/or increased volume from contributors migrating from SS.
  9. Thank you for your feedback. Interesting that you fell for the trap. The truth is that the small size of my portfolio is due to notably higher level work I do that is not connected with stock. I would be more careful with judgment calls in the future if I were you. IMHO. Especially when it comes to contradicting reviewers at 2 agencies that are not SS or DT.
  10. I appreciate your feedback. My SS portfolio was about twice the size (still really small) until I deactivated by 6/1... Wish I'd put more time into my Adobe portfolio before then. Though I suppose @StockWithMe would have preferred I stay on SS.
  11. So based on my content, which category do you put me in? (https://stock.adobe.com/contributor/208565920/gregdphotos?load_type=author&prev_url=detail) Then I'll tell you what I am based on your other criteria.
  12. AS has consistently out performed SS for me as far as revenue over the past year, in spite of a smaller portfolio and fewer downloads. But that's my experience, not everyone's. No data on P5 yet, as I've been there less than a month.
  13. Unless you can negotiate a special deal with SS like I suspect @stockphotofan1 and @Doug Jensen did. But first you probably need a 5,000+ content portfolio.
  14. There is: disable your entire still image and/or video portfolios.
  15. I wondered the same thing. Went ahead and disabled. I figure if things get better (I can dream, right?), I'll re-upload and hope the content is picked up again when it's fresh. Or hope the images will show up as fresh simply because for practical purposes the content will be fresh for those who search for it.
  16. Perhaps we should all say our farewells, in case we aren't given the opportunity later.
  17. Yes, they're serious. They view 26¢ as reasonable compensation for your production of a video clip.
  18. Could be. Question about this program: Where are Projector users going to find the "millions of fresh, high-quality images and video clips to craft their designs" that they are promised? They're not talking about content that top-notch producers decide to leave on SS; they're talking about the content SS is counting on those producers CONTINUING to produce and provide to SS for 26 cents/clip download.
  19. At level 2, you get a 20% royalty on photo sales, with a minimum payout of 10 cents. That means that you are likely to get 10-11 cents on most subs with a max of 98 cents; and $1.83-$2.90 per OD. I disabled my portfolio at the end of May because of the new royalties structure - so I have no first-hand experience - but from the various threads around here it sounds like 10 cents is the most common payout amount until level 6. Perhaps the best part of the structure is that on January 1, 2021, you'll automatically advance to a 15% royalty rate (and again on January 1, 2022...! 😬 SS recently advised in a blog article that photographs recognize the value of their work and not work for free. I've followed their advice, and encourage you to do the same. But that's just me.
  20. Perhaps the 34 cents was from a free trial? Don't know about the $1.65... some customers must be getting some super good deals! I mean, what could be better than paying $6.60 for a video on a site as excellent as SS? I wonder how they can sell videos for $6.60 and still pay their suppliers well...
  21. I'm not sure what to say... Based on publicly available information, there are only 9 unique royalty amounts for subs at 30% (.1, .12, .14, .17, .49, .59, .75, .87, 1.47) and 3 for ODs (2.75, 2.94, 4.35). I don't see where the OD payments came from - the lowest payout you get should be $2.75! Help, @Kate Shutterstock ? Of course, video payouts are totally different...
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