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  1. So far July has been bad across all agencies for me. My one consolation: SS isn't making a penny off of me.
  2. Usually 10-12 days for me. Used to be around 3 days; I've figured the delay has to do with COVID19 and/or increased volume from contributors migrating from SS.
  3. Thank you for your feedback. Interesting that you fell for the trap. The truth is that the small size of my portfolio is due to notably higher level work I do that is not connected with stock. I would be more careful with judgment calls in the future if I were you. IMHO. Especially when it comes to contradicting reviewers at 2 agencies that are not SS or DT.
  4. I appreciate your feedback. My SS portfolio was about twice the size (still really small) until I deactivated by 6/1... Wish I'd put more time into my Adobe portfolio before then. Though I suppose @StockWithMe would have preferred I stay on SS.
  5. So based on my content, which category do you put me in? (https://stock.adobe.com/contributor/208565920/gregdphotos?load_type=author&prev_url=detail) Then I'll tell you what I am based on your other criteria.
  6. AS has consistently out performed SS for me as far as revenue over the past year, in spite of a smaller portfolio and fewer downloads. But that's my experience, not everyone's. No data on P5 yet, as I've been there less than a month.
  7. Unless you can negotiate a special deal with SS like I suspect @stockphotofan1 and @Doug Jensen did. But first you probably need a 5,000+ content portfolio.
  8. There is: disable your entire still image and/or video portfolios.
  9. I wondered the same thing. Went ahead and disabled. I figure if things get better (I can dream, right?), I'll re-upload and hope the content is picked up again when it's fresh. Or hope the images will show up as fresh simply because for practical purposes the content will be fresh for those who search for it.
  10. Perhaps we should all say our farewells, in case we aren't given the opportunity later.
  11. Yes, they're serious. They view 26¢ as reasonable compensation for your production of a video clip.
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