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  1. I sometimes find it useful to also consider the median - which I'm guessing is 10¢.
  2. To clarify, SS's system is almost identical to a communist system, not capitalism. I recommend reading the Communist Manifesto and Wealth of Nations to better understand the definitions.
  3. The minimum will be the same, but the max payout will be much lower.
  4. +1 I disabled my portfolio - but I believe it's important to give credit where credit's due.
  5. The publisher probably took advantage of Shutterstock's "Asset Assurance" program, "a safeguard for brands using powerful editorial imagery in campaigns." (https://investor.shutterstock.com/news-releases/news-release-details/introducing-asset-assurancetm-safeguard-brands-using-powerful, https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/asset-assurance-editorial) Here's where it's addressed in contributors' contract with SS: "You agree that Shutterstock may permit Content designated "Editorial Use Only" to be used in a non-Editorial manner at Shutterstock's sole discretion..." (https://submit.shutterstock
  6. Possibly. 4 days into this month, and my trend is even worse than last. "Somethin' ain't right." 😏
  7. Interesting experience for me. I disabled my portfolio at the end of May - so SS never got to pay me the lucrative 10¢. In June, my sales elsewhere was stable. In July... my sales elsewhere dropped like a rock. Interesting that this would happen as I significantly increased all portfolios (other than SS) in June and July.
  8. Pond 5 is said to be good for video; I can't say one way or the other. But photos... not a single sale there.
  9. Until level 6, 10¢ seems to be the norm. Be thankful for your 10% bonus.
  10. So far July has been bad across all agencies for me. My one consolation: SS isn't making a penny off of me.
  11. Usually 10-12 days for me. Used to be around 3 days; I've figured the delay has to do with COVID19 and/or increased volume from contributors migrating from SS.
  12. Thank you for your feedback. Interesting that you fell for the trap. The truth is that the small size of my portfolio is due to notably higher level work I do that is not connected with stock. I would be more careful with judgment calls in the future if I were you. IMHO. Especially when it comes to contradicting reviewers at 2 agencies that are not SS or DT.
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