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  1. Can't even get a 10 minute outage past you all We had a quick blip, but after an all-hands on deck fire drill it was resolved amicably. Sorry about that!
  2. I've actually got an update here: The links posted in the reply above have all been investigated by our compliance team, and the contributor has been disabled, as mentioned above. Here's the slightly harder part to explain: The direct links to the clips above will still work for a while. You can see them, but you cannot purchase them (see attached where attempted licensing of jack o lantern clip fails.) You will no longer be able to search for those clips on the site, and they will not show up in any video search results. The clips (and their direct linkage) will disappear automatically after some time.
  3. While the accusations are substantial, i'm not able to substantiate anything from the little information given. We don't accept duplicate clips, so without specific details i have to leave it to our infringement investigation teams. With the sheer number of clips involved (OP has 7000+) I really can't be much help at this point unfortunately. I took a look at all ports mentioned and don't see anything at the surface that looks duplicative between them.
  4. The forum is passively moderated. We can't always respond to everything, but if you tag us, we read it generally in a pretty timely fashion.
  5. As was already stated, the above photo isn't in focus. This rejection was correct.
  6. Shutterstock has officially paid out over one billion dollars in contributor earnings. $1,000,000,000! In recognition of this, for 30 days starting December 10th, 2019, refer a brand new customer to Shutterstock by sharing your referral link to earn 50% of their first image or footage purchase on Shutterstock (up to $200). The same rules apply as with the normal customer referral program, only now we’re sending 30% more money back to you! Happy referring! For more information, click here to access your referrals.
  7. Every photo is reviewed and rejected by a human being with no artificial intelligence.
  8. Well this makes sense.. I almost made a quip about “hopefully it gets rejected for focus this time” but I wouldn’t do that
  9. The bots don’t need oil! They need kilowat... nevermind.
  10. Hey hey I’ve got some backyard flowers in my tiny, piddly port. They haven’t sold. Brb gonna make a thread to ask why 🤯🤷‍♀️
  11. Either that or something related to the "miniature donkey" thing. I'm trying to find any info that would cause a rejection on this. Still looking. Edit: I would resubmit without the "Ste. Foy area" in the title or keyword. Not going to have any more info before Monday, unfortunately.
  12. I see Yeah no defense on this one, I've sent it to our review manager team to investigate and provide feedback as necessary. I see you resubmitted it. Let us know what happens!
  13. Yeah, fair question. It’s my real and only portfolio. As an employee of Shutterstock, it’s vital to me to use and understand the tools that we offer to our customers and contributors. Unfortunately just because you can swim doesn’t make you an Olympic swimmer. I also use my portfolio for testing and attempting to break things... hence you’ll see my display name change occasionally, and note my portfolio URL is locked to “taco1testing” as a result of a good friend and teammate of mine trying to test something on my portfolio, lol. I actually like it better now than the original URL, but I digress.
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