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  1. Hmmmm. No I quoted you didn't I so ... not my fantasy 😆
  2. If is a magical word. After the word 'if', anything becomes possible as long as you believe it's true. But it actually means isnt fact lol.
  3. And yet .... Slighty sweeping stament with minimal credability. Look at your port again. Lighting is natural and seems ok. The market is clearly business, lifestyle, and a smattering of medical. And given that you've thrown everything and the kitchen sink and the wall it was screwed to at them ... I'm confused by your compositions. Models do not face away from the negative space you have left for buyers. That's why air hostesses and hotel receptionists, and concierges dont face the door frame when they guide you in. I also saw cruise ship in a gale curtains but shhhhh your secret is safe with me. And I'm a passive incomer with low photographic skill. I know the rules though and I have a good eye.
  4. I know you are using a very basic rule of thumb by doing it this way. But you are incorrect. Whilst your income is comparable your worth has lessened. You are using more resources to achieve a comparable level. In fact many more of your photos have to sell in order to achieve that figure which means many more of your photos are being used. It means a diverse portfolio will tire quickly. The only way to counteract that is to upload more. Do you see an incentive to do that. The cost to the customer is also the same per their plans. So they aren't benefitting greatly. No the only ones seeing an increase at both ends is SS. And that's unlikely to fly for long. Sadly for us all.
  5. The fact that you have 25,000+ images and 130+ videos in your portfolio doesn't hurt you. I'd be I interested to know how many downloads you've had since June 1st. Subs? OODs?
  6. 😂 yeah I like them over there. Its when they come near me I dont like them as much. My favourites are damsel flies and dragon flies. Spiders ..... if anyone brought one near me I would have a dirty protest. But thank you that's very kind of you. I'd certainly upload to other agencies now. I was going to from the beginning but it was all new and SS was at the top of everyone's list and I thought let's concentrate on getting sorted out first. Large schoolboy error. And now I'm paying for it lol.
  7. Well that is bad. The quality of our ports is incomparable. Totally. Yours is 5 star. That said I defy you to get those gorgeous saturated colours of blistering sun shine and happiness when you are up to your wedding tackle in floods, slate grey skies, mud, gales and Piers Morgan. And that's just mid summer. In winter we grow gills like frigging tadpoles .... John snow. But still our ports are world apart. That all being said so far I have 7 subs totalling $1.08 - old levels $1.75 1 ood totalling $0.98 - old levels $ 1.88 But I only reached tier two a few days ago. Also my port was disabled up to the 5th of June. So those downloads are 5 days only. Even worse I have half your portfolio size roughly. And I had half that about 3,4 months ago. And I am sorry for all those like you.
  8. Dont forget "some of our customers have made use of special reduced introductory rates or deals" Otherwise known as the ...
  9. Is that for the day or since june 1st?
  10. Subs down 43% OOD down 50%
  11. Now Tier 2. 0.58 cents sub. purchased by someone in US. *waves* *thank you* 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.digitalcameraworld.com/amp/news/are-your-photographs-worth-10-cents-shutterstock-seems-to-think-so And the petition is now over 9000 signatures long. And they have significantly reworded the statement on the petition too. With a list of changes.
  13. Last year I had two sales under single and other. Baring in mind the lowest you could be paid was your 0.25 cent for a sub. But I had two single or other payments for 0.22. I have since seen that this wasnt supposed to happen and people got their correct fee. I haven't but pointless asking support. But could it be that these low OD are in fact single or other payments made under pre-existing agreements that have been wrongly placed in the OD collumn. I dont know obviously. But if you cant find a plan with that on ....
  14. Judging by a few off the cuff comments here and there @Rudy Umans if SS dont become a bit more forthcoming with information I think they are going to get a nasty surprise shortly 😟
  15. @Wilm Ihlenfeld and @Whiteaster I'm not sure if VAT is included in purchase prices. Wilm your reciept for your plan should show if it is? In the UK books do not incurr VAT but kindle books do. Classed as digital media they are not TAX exempt. Although I know there was a plan in the UK to remove VAT for digital books. Perhaps photos fall into digital media and therefore VAT.
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