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  1. I know of only two such options. I think it's not difficult to guess them. Most likely nothing will happen or will happen quietly in the first option. In the second option, the account will be closed by the site and we will see it. I do not believe in such luck of photography for all the main and related keywords in the top. Of course, there is a third option, someone very rich decided to help the photographer in life (or harm) and buys his photos from different accounts without the knowledge of the photographer. In theory, this can also be.
  2. On the 2nd picture there is a possible coastline, sunset, silhouette, but would you buy it as a beach?
  3. Look at the query "Tree", the first place with a mediocre tree cut!
  4. This probably requires an explanation on the part of the trading floor, otherwise trust will be completely destroyed.
  5. We decided to live under the motto - "not a day without glitches". Otherwise it will not be interesting to live. It is scary to imagine what kind of mess there might be in the sales system, and since this is all hidden, it is almost never solved for sure.
  6. They do not buy pictures, they sell them (the ones that have chosen). It's like a dealer.
  7. Your story confirms that the number of pixels is not very important for buyers. You have a lot of low-resolution photos and people have been buying from you for a long time, SOD and ODD are constantly appearing.
  8. Thanks Rudy and Steve! I am not a professional photographer. 1) Two years ago I started uploading a small archive of my videos. 2) Then I downloaded a small archive from my phone. 3) Took an old camera with a non-removable lens. 4) A year ago I took an already inexpensive $ 350 camera with a removable lens. Therefore, for the time being, I shoot the lens of an outdated DSLR with a kit. Sometimes I use the built-in flash. At home - light from the window and made small reflectors. When traveling around the city or outside the city, it is natural light or light from lamps if this is a room. I
  9. Please see experienced ones - how well exposed are my last shots from the photo? I was told all the time that my shots were not selling because of poor lighting. There are a number of reasons for this, but I'm wondering how things are with the latter? New photos Thanks in advance!
  10. They were offended, because with a decrease in the percentage of deductions, the authors did not clap their hands together joyfully.
  11. Have you described it as editorial? As a commercial photo it will not be accepted - this object is easily identified as "Salford Museum and Art gallery" by the inscription. In this case, it doesn't matter how old the building is.
  12. I re-sent 5 pieces for verification, which were accepted 2 days ago and did not appear in the portfolio. Of these, 1 was rejected for two reasons! I'm not sure if all of them will appear this time, since the last uploaded photos still do not appear. Will these photos appear? Or should we send in cycles even approved photos?
  13. If you only increase the exposure, then even more noise will creep into the shadows. It is necessary to simultaneously suppress the noises in the program.
  14. If the reasons for the rejection are noises, then most likely everything is fine with selective focus. lack of light or high ISO for your camera.
  15. 1,3 - 10 2,4 - 9 Nobody here from people put 10 for 3) numbers.
  16. Very interesting if you can guess here (I have 2 tens and 2 nines). Photos in different processing and none were sold. 1) ice 1 2) ice 2 3) ice 3 4) ice 4
  17. Sales in terms of quantity are slightly better than February, but the amount is quite small. Tell me who's got the quarantine situation? Almost everything works in Russia (Siberia), I don’t know for how long. The other day I was at the competition - the junior world championship in ski freestyle. There were fans from Europe. The participants were from different countries, but there were no Chinese. Although perhaps they simply do not participate in the discipline that I attended.
  18. This miracle came to me. So far only appeared on mobile, so I did not use screenshots. I entered a couple of requests (random and set "only by photos"), this is what happened: request "Pine forest" - it was 1583984, it is 457930, Throw out 2/3 of the photos. After that, I look at the photo and see that the remaining ones have big problems with reliability. There is often a forest in the background, and the main object is a road, a river, a meadow, a house, and there are even explicit illustrations on 1 page (choose only a photo). Almost the entire remaining forest does not belong to pine,
  19. It's funny, but I also got a lot of sticking out things 10/10 (it shows for me). And not only from the earth. For example - icicles
  20. The advice I've heard many times is to shoot more often. The other day I was walking along the trail and tried to photograph a bird, but the bird turned out badly, but I liked the winter landscape. Who will be able to see a large bird in this photo? )) The landscape is much better, but I shot it by accident.
  21. I can see from my pictures: 1. there is no connection with sales, since those pictures that were sold have a 7/10 rating, and those that have 10/10 were not sold at all. 2. The number of megapixels, equipment and lighting have little effect on the rating. For example, I have footage shot on gfx 50 with a size of 8256. There, in my opinion, a unique natural moment, two rocky ridges and one natural created by clouds. However, this photo has a rating of 8/10 mountains And many photos that I took with an old amateur camera (whose lens cannot be removed and had a lot of dama
  22. I just loaded the flower and immediately there was a quality forecast of 10 Red Rose Everyone thought we would sell pictures for likes, so here's a little clarification, these likes will be put by Artificial Intelligence.
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