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  1. They did not like the criticism of the company that is expressed by the authors. Perhaps earlier it was believed that the development of the community has a positive effect on business, but after 2020 they considered it superfluous. I suppose that they will dry up the forum and its participants will naturally reduce their activity and gradually forget about it. Then it will be completely closed, although it absorbs very few resources and can be left as a ghost. Why is this done now? 1. They are ashamed of such a forum. 2. it is planned to create something new. 3. some new changes are co
  2. I hope to repeat your success, I have 8,500 videos left to upload!
  3. I can only tell you how not to do it. You don’t have to make a video like mine, it’s not for sale at all (neither for $ 50, nor for 25 cents). Although most of the frames are archives, the download time was wasted.
  4. Winter tourism married couple in winter winter hike winter sun in the forest hiking in winter in the forest winter walk in the park as a couple winter path through the park in the forest when you reached the top winter
  5. July pleases with warmth, but there is little joy on the stock. Impressed today I made a philosophy video. Stupid, but meaningful
  6. It all started as algorithms and technology, and the prospects are discrimination and segregation. (context of our topic)
  7. 8 days out of 14 in June costs one and the same daily sales figure. Probability theory is resting.
  8. Hey! Do you have images that have sold 10, 20, 50 times? (without specifying specific images)
  9. May was the maximum in terms of the number of downloads of all time, and the minimum in terms of money this year.
  10. It makes sense to crop to a square if the composition requires it or to trim technical defects. In other cases, the buyer himself can trim, this is a simple action. About the medium format. I have a lot of pictures taken with a medium format Fujifilm GFX 50R. I cropped some frames from it but from above and from below. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I don't sell medium-format footage (at all). It was a multifaceted shooting and maybe you can suggest something? I suggest looking at my medium format photos from a variety of topics. In any case, out of these hundreds of photos,
  11. Wow, even I have never had this! And the photos weren't on sale either? We spin the wheels to move downhill ...
  12. The new system here hit the newcomers in the first place. Even on the photo, the blow was not so disastrous. 1) From the photo I received 25 cents at least, now 10 cents. (в среднем это снижение меньше чем по видео на первых уровнях). 2) It is easier to go to high levels by the photo. 3) Photos are much less demanding on the camera, lighting and other equipment. 4) Photos are easier to edit and fix in post production. It does not require a powerful computer, Internet and archiving space. My sales this year most often happened around 50 cents per video, and the maximum was around $
  13. Doug! I'm happy for you! I have a drop in RPD on video of about 80%. The introduction of a scale (and I don't have a lot of sales) and the introduction of a subscription. All this nullified the desire to develop in this direction. Perhaps someone has retired after working as an operator all his life and who has a good camera idle that allows you to shoot with high quality and in various conditions. It makes sense for such a person to shoot, it makes no sense to specifically strive for this activity now. Therefore, it makes no sense to agitate, who can do this, he has been in this for a
  14. Stevemart's portfolio has been stable in recent years, and those who write in another thread have been working for only a few years or who have new tops over the last year. I have already noticed that this calculation does not take into account the last months, and possibly a year. If the photo is taken off at this time, the reflection will be distorted. Likewise, if, for example, a year ago, a photo jumped at some point, then its popularity may be shown, although recently it has hardly been sold.
  15. Your example is not the most epic one. I have more extravagant examples. Most likely, the data were used to calculate the indicator from some very narrow period of 2020. That is why there are so many oddities.
  16. I'm not talking about authors like us. I'll tell you about the buyers. How can they use a parameter when you don't understand how it works? Although at the present time you already cease to be surprised at something. People think little, and more and more often believe in the divine power of algorithms that will give out information for making a decision. And the more primitive the presentation, the more incomprehensible the algorithm, the more they believe.
  17. Covid is selling very poorly now. Perhaps this is the case with me. Although SS writes under them - high popularity, often used, superstar. But they are not on sale at all in 2021! for example, look here (not in chrome)- girl Now I have specified, in 3 months, I have only one sale dedicated to covid.
  18. this is also good for the organization - can you save on salaries...
  19. the most important part - "Net income increased 584% to $ 29.5 million."
  20. During this time, he probably earned more than we put together for all the time.
  21. I know of only two such options. I think it's not difficult to guess them. Most likely nothing will happen or will happen quietly in the first option. In the second option, the account will be closed by the site and we will see it. I do not believe in such luck of photography for all the main and related keywords in the top. Of course, there is a third option, someone very rich decided to help the photographer in life (or harm) and buys his photos from different accounts without the knowledge of the photographer. In theory, this can also be.
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