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  1. Are there good images or bad ones? Who got there got compensation and marketing of their other images. Now think about what those who did not get there got (Beyond the competition with free images)? Who are the ones on the free list? If earlier marketing for the elite was secretive, now everything has become obvious.
  2. You are discussing something completely different! The problems are not with those who got into the free list, but those who did not get there. Does any of you make this list?
  3. Bottom line: Stocks are interested in killing the contributors. Dead contributor = good contributor. He will not be able to refuse free distribution of his works.
  4. Interestingly, another video with the same squirrel is much higher in the ranking. But as for me, less interesting footage. Red squirrel This frame is shown on the second line when asked for "red squirrel". On the first page.
  5. Thanks for the help! Often I am inattentive to the description and keywords. Perhaps this process, as for many, is the most difficult and boring here. I remember uploading this video, and there I described that the squirrel got scared, clutched at the heart. But apparently he built the sentence incorrectly, I was refused because of the description. After that, I hit the ceiling a bit and posted a description that was clearly misspelled, but accepted. )))
  6. I wrote this so as not to offend in case the squirrel has not decided on its own Gender identity. )) If serious. In Russian, the squirrel animal itself is feminine. I think I very wrongly wrote and not only the titles for this video. Do you think this is important for promotion on shutterstock, the robot sees a contradiction and does not allow the file to pop up? Unfortunately, this conversation is very interesting to me, but I do not want to lead the thread far from the topic stated by the author. Thank you for paying attention and I will try to correct the description!
  7. I've tried varying the options, but shutterstock finds this to be similar or finds other problems and rejects it. Hopefully, youtubers will be able to find the original video and add their own text. Curious ground squirrel My subscription video sold once, but it remained in the depths of the catalog. Without jumping an inch in the ranking. I myself like these videos, I don't know why they immediately drown. Recently I loaded up a ready-made Meme with a squirrel, but it drowned. Perhaps the quality did not suit, but it is impossible to shoot such shots in the studio. Meme with squirrel PS: Sorry, I would not want to distract from the topic.
  8. In between your animations, you can insert a call not only to subscribe. My overlay option (alpha channel): Call to action for YouTube You can end the video with a funny segment with an animal: subscribe
  9. I have an unexpectedly good weekend subscription price again. I am very glad this is my favorite image of pigeons. I was worried that I again described the photograph poorly in English. If it is sold, then everything is fine with the key ones. pair of pigeons
  10. Shutterstock made me happy today. October started early in the morning in Japan. They took my photo with a good subscription. There are not many of my photos and they are not sold often. I thought this photo would fit the article about the evil Russian intelligence officer )). But since the photo went to Japan, there is a chance to become a ninja hiding in Siberian cherry bushes))) green man
  11. Apparently I'm a champion. More than 1000 videos and I'm not sure if I will move to level 2 this year. So I have one long January)) Although most of the videos are from my archives, ... but still....
  12. Previously, there were purchases on the weekend, recently there is no purchase at all on fridays and weekends.
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