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  1. For half a year, 1 sale for 7 dollars. Do something differently.
  2. If you shoot like me photos and videos. At the moment you only need 130,000 photos and 50,000 videos and I guarantee you that you will receive $ 500.
  3. Last four months on average $ 10. Portfolio - 2600 images, 1000 videos.
  4. Thanks for your opinion. I agree with you, but in my examples I see obvious contradictions to this principle. I know that my question is rhetorical.
  5. Doug, hello! Have you figured out why some clips float to the top and others don't? I had a January sale that sold a gopher that I recently loaded. subscribe button After the sale, it never made it to the top of the page. But similar platitudes emerge that have never been sold and may not be sold. Winter forest
  6. Yes, I'm trying to improve my hardware. But maybe I need to open courses - "How not to shoot and attribute to stocks". Perhaps it will be more profitable)) The videos I like don't pop up. For example, from the last that I liked The squirrel got scared and clutched at her heart.
  7. Videos are hardly sold either. In recent months there has been 1 sale for $ 7.
  8. Steven, great! How did you manage to turn the tide? I have been for over a year now and I also have almost no sales.
  9. My income is so small that it’s ridiculous to speak. I was on level 1 until June, now level 1 on video and hardly exceeded level 2 on photos. Unfortunately, I had hardware flaws. I also began to take up photography last year. Unfortunately, for me, nothing has changed for the better or for the worse, since all this is close to zero. I morally support the protests.
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