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  1. If you understand Russian, watch the video. You can also search here on the forum, there were discussions.
  2. Maybe I don’t understand something? But photography is a snapshot. When several objects are taken and combined, with the addition of graphics, this is a different genre. Someone says it's bad? But somehow it is necessary to distinguish the images collected together from the snapshot in one frame. If a person drew a realistic portrait, posted it as a photograph on shutterstock, will he also say that it is a photograph? It's not even clear what it is for, or sales depend on it? The question is that a person without brakes switched to personalities, even if I am mistaken how to call su
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collage Are you saying that you publish images taken in one shot? I see you have any personal complaints about me? And why are you angry? Well I'm an amateur photographer who took my first amateur camera this year. You say that you are happy with sales and life, but angry as a dog, can you have a lot of bile? You should cool down, we just now have -40 Celsius, come and see what you are standing.
  4. What do you dislike about my comment, from what fright did you become personal?
  5. these are not photographs, but collages
  6. We used to often have a winter month of -40 Celsius, but recent winters are very mild. Although I like what's warmer, it's often dusk, which was rare before. I call these winters Moscow winters. There is also little snow, but we have had it for a long time and the last one may fall in the month of May. And it should be noted that I have the south of Siberia, agriculture is very developed here and a lot of grain is grown)) Since in many countries there is now a lockdown, it is not worth waiting for good sales in January, and business is not sure what will happen in the spring, it will be c
  7. why is this a problem? On the contrary. You just need to take into account that the exclusive sells in comparison with the non-exclusive + 20% commission, and besides that, you do not lose income from adob. Therefore, to approach purely arithmetic to the Pond exclusive by adding 20 percent is a wrong calculation.
  8. Consider - footage of exclusive authors on pond5 automatically goes to adob and possibly to other stocks! These are not just partners.
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