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  1. How many mathematical or financial education do you have? - I think less than me. How much time do you spend on each photo? And how much time did you spend studying for your life? - You took into account this time in the calculations? Personally, I have been busy with other issues all my life and could have humiliated you with money pretty easily. I just want to say, do not send anyone anywhere, and no one will send you.
  2. Life and time can not be measured solely in monetary terms. I think you will not like it if someone sends you with $ 1 turn over buns? Your statement does not look professional ...
  3. I have uploaded 22 photographs taken on the phone in my usual life. Today, to my surprise, they all accepted. See if they sell.
  4. He has popular general plans for US cities, you have no such plans, there are separate houses (they are more universal for the world as a whole). Perhaps you also have such plans, but they did not go to the popular ones.
  5. Oh good idea! You can describe out of focus, blurry and unsuccessful pictures - as the cat sees, as the fish sees, as the alien sees))
  6. This happens when a postcard adds value, for example, the author is known.
  7. I will calm you, everything is relative, a man came to the world as a guest for a while. What he says is his forest, land, water, view — all of this is just his glance and while other people take this look. If there are 3 people in the room and one says you stole a photo from me, then those 2 will very quickly show that it was he who stole the idea from them.
  8. Ha-ha, now we know the inner humor in shutterstock. jeffde tell me you sold three photos that are in the portfolio?
  9. Ridiculous. By the way, I congratulate everyone on the day of humor, at least in Russia today everyone is joking around each other! 🙂
  10. If you are a representative of shutterstock, why ask on the forum? If you are a regular user, then why don't you start with yourself and retire? I suppose that there are a gigantic number of better photographers.
  11. Duck successful in life Pigeons are failed ducks
  12. Hot Finnish guys, you make a fight over a trifle. Doug Jensen as the owner of the topic must be patient if he decided to discuss hot topics. And guests should not repeat the same thought a hundred times attacking Doug Jensen.
  13. I'm experimenting a bit with 120 fps slow motion What do you think which frames you like more? without tripod with tripod
  14. I do not sell either one or the other. While I sit waiting for the wind to sail. Although I think some interesting videos I have. On the philosophical side of things, I'm a little scared for civilization, where only absurdity and trash is valued, which stimulates even greater absurdity and trash.
  15. I agree that others said. From 4096p it is easy to get 3840p, so ship 4096p. I do not understand how you approve different formats of one video, then it would make sense to make duplicates with different frame rates, etc.
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