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  1. Use analysis. You have sold 4 pictures from 144 images that are not editorial. Forget about editorial for a while. At least sales should be more. Do not compare editorial in the US or Europe where the media often use pictures to describe events. Moreover, you are not shooting events, but everyday life. For example, my photo is used for the project of the site "Faces of Victory". Link to the site, on the main page there is a picture, you can zoom in and see thousands of portraits of participants in the war. facesofvictory.com But my photo editorial: George ribbon
  2. It will be helpful to know the community some of the parameters of the clips How long have they been loaded? They are 4k, if so all or some? Perhaps there is something that unites your clips for such sales? Thank!
  3. Tell me. Here for example, I find my images on the site by reference, and it says "Pink rose bud side view Free Images" I do not quite understand what it means. https://avopix.com/search/photos/Pink rose bud side view/popular my flower
  4. Your portfolio is weighted average pretty young. If you started shipping only a year ago. In addition, there are still seasonal factors and accidents.
  5. This wonderful caterpillar ate a branch during filming. I was amazed at her appetite. Unfortunately I do not know her name. I let her go, for sure she will make a beautiful butterfly. She also has two smilies on her back. hungry caterpillar caterpillar with a smiley
  6. This is logical. You need to be able to shoot exactly the video. Equipment besides the camera should be more advanced - a computer, fast internet. You need to have a video editing program that is expensive. You need to be able to edit differently than in Photoshop (for example, it’s harder to wipe logos in a video). And after that, you have to wait a long time for something to sell.
  7. I would modify the rule for those who are on the forum. Before you write a message, upload a picture! Of course, making good pictures is great, even better to make a lot of nice pictures. But if for some reason you can not make masterpieces, then the only option to increase the number. Personally, I would have made the competition Grossinger in quantity if the descriptions were made in Russian. That would be a pleasure. As it turned out, many words that exist in Russian are not in English.
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