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    I'm interested in the close-ups of flowers or any other little plants,raindrop, anything in that matter. Photography has been my favourite for a very long time. I love music and mostly animals, nature and other, naturistic thing like sunsets and so on...

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About Me

Here's a little brief about me. 

I'm not much of a typer, but i'll try my best to write some little facts about me.
I love animals and anything to do with nature, landscapes and closed in photos of things such as dog noses or eyes. 

Though i'm only 18, I always loved photography and had always taken photos' of anything that took my interest. I'm only starting my photography path, though i hope for the best and hoping i'll be able to achieve as much as i can with this job/hobby.  

Here are some of my photos i take. I try my best with them and hope to get better over the years of making such photos. 

I do play around with the colors and try make the image pop out and look very detailed. 

Ghost 2.jpg


Blackpool Beach.jpg

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