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  1. Very bad month here, great on AS and now 40 downloads in 2 hours on IS.
  2. thanks. AI could have been more lenient to me, but it doesn't matter.
  3. it depends on the region, you will never see 10/10.
  4. mainly contrast and DOF and only some composition patterns. AI really likes white color.
  5. It does not affect the search in any way yet, perhaps on the contrary, the worse the number, the higher in the search. I only added this image 2 days ago and it is very high in search, always on the first page (AS, IS and SS). : D
  6. try this: https://proxyscrape.com/web-proxy
  7. I see 2 different predicates quality: on a chrome on my mobile I see 6 but on the chrome on my desktop I see 7. All predicates on my mobile are: predicates - 1
  8. I don't see it anywhere, but personally a quality rating suits me.
  9. Joe and Geogif were the funniest couple. I miss them
  10. I think Mirco has left his account and is selling through Wirestock.
  11. yes, I plead for the geogif to return to the forum
  12. January is very good for me everywhere except the SS. Even DT is very good this month. These 10 cent sales are pure bulshit.
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