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  1. Work harder, earn less. This is a new credo for shutterstock. For me, shutterstock is a category B agency, so I'm not thinking about it anymore.
  2. It's very simple, 25 cents in May and 30 cents in June.
  3. Nothing has changed here, constant complaints about the rejected photos. And all because of 10 cents. lol
  4. I would like to look at your portfolio if possible. Is this yours? - https://depositphotos.com/portfolio-4917139.html
  5. I am only one year on adobe stock, but I have sales almost every day, a portfolio of 450 pictures. But I must say that when I started, I had my first sale after almost 2 months.
  6. Hi Anja, it's sad and pathetic. Tell Wilhelm to create a new account and not be silenced here. Sincerely.
  7. I noticed that you are a very modest person, you are happy with everything.
  8. Adobe's business plan is not to sell separate photos and videos but to integrate Adobe stock into its creative cloud. This gives him a huge advantage over all agencies. He can afford to pay more and big agencies will go there who will pay them more.
  9. I'm not afraid of that at all, Adobe is a much richer company with a much better plan, which will soon dominate.
  10. For those who have not yet decided to deactivate their port, you can play the following game. For every 10 cent sale, you delete one photo and add one photo for every dollar you earn. For example, if you sell 10 photos for 10 cents, you will delete 10 photos and add one photo. At the end of the year, you count the number of photos in the portfolio.
  11. Jose is a spammer, first creating his own threads and then spamming those threads where there are the most people. His credo is: work hard, earn little.
  12. I think every thread could now be renamed to doom & gloom. lol
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