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    Family, gold prospecting, faceting gemstones, collecting mineral specimens, photography, Aboriginal art & culture.

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  1. Thanks Michael, a job well done, it confirms what I have always thought. It may explain why the glitches are occurring at the moment in payments(the slot machines are not calibrated yet). regards, f.
  2. G;day Steven, hope you are having a happy Christmas in the heat?. I kept this article to ask if you are related, kept waiting for the right time. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-22/nell-tritton-alexander-kerensky-saved-from-stalin-hitler-history/12472416 f.
  3. Yes it is tongue in cheek, over the time that I have read your threads, you remind me of my best buddy. He was born in Manitoba immigrated to Oz in the 60's last century. He was a gifted geologist(2 degrees up his sleeve), very loyal to his workers, specially in the bush. He worked as a sideline as the state rep for Sea Shepard's, over time he had collected more money in W.A. for their fight to protect the whales than the rest of Australia put together. I hope your book keeps you busy, maybe a book on political cartoons when things get quiet. Regards Fred.
  4. Indeed, I can think of 8 reasons why this is your best work, a gross ingsect that is creating havoc on the uNiVeRSe. All the best Blue Nose see you next year. f.
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