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  1. This was posted yesterday Perth time. I am getting them through Google and using my file numbers.
  2. I think it is just coming in. I have it on quite few of my photos, maybe some else from Australia could have a look.
  3. Sorry Firn this is what I was talking about, I may have missed it if it has been happening for awhile as it is an area that seldom visit.
  4. Came across this addition to the search display of our photos today, it looks very interesting at first glance, it may give the sleepers a chance to move forward, and give S.S. a complete new inventory from semi archived stock. Thoughts invited I have included 3 of mine that has a low rating(6/10?) if it is viewed I will let you know if it goes up in the rating. It also appears the critiques vary with the rating. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/old-1910-camp-site-workers-nearby-1387108706 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/dawn-sunrise-gold-mining-area-north
  5. "Had you been an Australian living here in NL, I think you might have gone for Anne van Oz! But now I'm being really silly". Sorry guys to scared to do that, my sister-in-law is a Van den Dungen and very feisty, so I will stay with my Fenian heritage.
  6. Its a no from me, I am still holding out that he is honest!!.
  7. It is a nom de plume Steve I use them on the internet to confuse the bad guys to stop them getting my 10cents a week. It is a combination of my wife's name and our first business name that we started when we married in 1970s. We owned a pet shop that imported tropical fish from Brazil and Africa via England.
  8. "he would have to alter his keywords to spam much faster than within one month as the time factor + sales appears to be very important in the algorithm." Steve I missed that, I was generalizing, but in replying I thought maybe he is sneaky enough to spam after a sale. Would that tip the indexing in his favour?. On top of that the buyer would see his 6 other photos in "more from this artist" then he could start to spam those, even if it was only one word. I have read here over the months how slow the internal algorithm is for our ports.
  9. At this point I cannot decide if the process of staying on the top page is done by keywords, using a bot(at all levels, Google, Latvia ISP. or even a VPN), or some one on the inside. Simply put it is above my pay grade. I have followed the keyword example because it was easy to find, and have posted about it. My first post has had a surprise ending, one account has been terminated, but I can find a second account, same name with less photos with spamming still visible. So, This is my take on what has and is happening, Perp1 uploads photo - normal keywords - gets accepted??? -
  10. Hi Steve, this will be interesting using your criteria of "most appealing"? my rating is 3. 2. 1.
  11. Hi wacomka, Do you want to stop him from selling your illustration as a NFT cryptoart?. Reading your post I am not sure if that is your objective if it is I suggest talk to him on Instagram over the matter, explain that the background of the file is your copyright, and he is using it without permission. The least this will do is give substance to your claim that he is doing the wrong thing by the license(If it is covered). It helps to have a paper trail of how you have tried to protect your rights, including what you have done about it. I am sure SS will give you an answer regarding the m
  12. Still in my internship on the forum I commented about this site in late September, I naively put the post in "Show & Tell" other donors comments were what I believed to be happening. I naively(again) believed SS would have corrected the problem, it appears it is OK. Given the old post a bump to move it up if it works, still in show and tell, under "Is this allowed" for your perusal.
  13. Thanks Michael, a job well done, it confirms what I have always thought. It may explain why the glitches are occurring at the moment in payments(the slot machines are not calibrated yet). regards, f.
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