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  1. the downloaded items also not match between the map and earnings summary. its missing on both
  2. who even is that indian guy? the one i talk about was indonesian person, in indonesian facebook group, not india, its a different, separate contry. theres contributor all over the world, hundred different facebook group and you think everyone whos gotten warning is that indian guy in the video. cmon.. the bug its fixed now, its all good.. a little clarification on the forum would be nice and everyone here agree with that
  3. its a local facebook group, with foreign language, happened during earning cut outrage last year, my point was they having that far of a reach on a foreign facebook group but not on their own forum.
  4. no idea who arindam is, it was some random contributor on my facebook feed
  5. they manage to find people who post screenshot of their income in random secret facebook group to gave them warning to hide the embarrassment, but wont show up in a serious thread on their own forum.. also last month i get pay cut like 40$ even tho i'm not from us i contacted them didn't get reply, tell me why at least.. be open to your contributor c'mon guys
  6. my download literally dropped from 40 daily to 3, my top vector which used to be on the front page on vector section disappear and it affecting whole portfolio..
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