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  1. 5th june adobe stock 75 downloads $71 ss 37 downloads $10. in my experience as vector artist.. i think it easier to get noticed in adobe because they keep mixing their search page you'll see new artist like every week or so (that artist could be you), i track some of my image it gradually goes up on search page until it reached first page then slowly back down again, if it does really well it stick on the top page. i feel like shutterstock search page has been the same for like a year, i rarely see new contributor break trough. go invest your time in adobe and don't forget to put relevant keyword first obviously.
  2. now they hide the monthly income bar graph lol
  3. man look at this this, this is screenshot from adobe in just span of 3 hours, look at those average earning of 0,99, 0,89 god damn. with this new earning probably took me a month here to reach daily income of adobe, 0,10 hahaha
  4. i know u ur one of my inspiration, haha u struggle with the file size too, i recently made vector like yours the 3d type (just way worse) and it legit pain in the butt... i had to remove shadow effect all those stuff just to get my file below 100mb
  5. i think profile will look much better if you guys improve the gallery quality in it (ofc theres watermark when zooming in), idk if i allowed to mention AS, but in AS the image on portfolio gallery are actually HD, like super crisp quality, still small resolution but it look much better. and possibly attract more buyer.... maybe.
  6. i just upload this image hours ago approved and already published by now https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/set-black-friday-theme-social-media-1566668161?src=7f3fc743-1d5a-4492-9d32-06c421fef734-1-1. but the one i attach not getting published yet even tho it was approved previous day. should i reupload or wait? 1600 image in portfolio never experienced something like this
  7. earning around $100 monthly at least, i guess. at this pace i think its doable... i hope nothing goes south
  8. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/patriotic-achievement-certificate-us-flag-various-1397810399?src=R7BLMAKV-g1c6bm79L6vrA-1-14
  9. i'm back again, not trying to be annoying just need help. does anyone know why the blue is so washed out on the preview? the other color like red, green, gold etc were perfectly fine but why the blue has such drastic decrease in vibrancy. i know this artwork will ended up to be printed but still... is it something wrong with my export?
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