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  1. I didn't know it wasn't working and hadn't noticed the date when I posted, hence the apology above. When it worked I was climbing but as it turns out that was before the commission change.
  2. The site is https://microstockrank.com/ although I have just noticed it hasn't updated since January so I am sorry to have misled you, it looks like a dead site now. I was obviously busy after Christmas!
  3. Well I have uploaded nothing since the change came in but have climbed several hundred places up the performance list, so a lot of people above me must have dropped out. Very naive of Shutterstock to think that subscribers underusing their allowances is a good business strategy, they will either have been stockpiling images/clips in libraries for use later, or dropping to a cheaper package, or both, so whichever way it is going to cost SS.
  4. Is there a special college somewhere where they learn to write garbage-speak? Pretentious twaddle the author thinks makes him sound knowledgeable, usually to disguise incompetence. Trying to interpret their meaning is like hacking through a thicket, if I were an investor I would run a mile.
  5. You are too late, profit's been made! Anyhow you can get a better dividend yield elsewhere. But here is an idea: How about contributors with a portfolio of a certain size and over being made shareholders? Now that would be a nice incentive, with maybe incremental share holding growth as the portfolio grows.
  6. Well this is weird, I haven’t uploaded since the end of May and was waiting for my next payment threshold before doing anything about my portfolio, and June earnings were dire with no downloads for a record 3 weeks; however this month is already best ever and we are only half way through. Over the last year I noticed ODs declining so almost all downloads were subs but that has suddenly changed with as many ODs as subs this month. They vary in price too, whereas before I would get $1.88 they now vary between $1.42 and $2.70 which averages out about the same as the old rate. It will be interesting to see if this is an anomaly or a new pattern although I still resent the 10c subs.
  7. I don't know what has happened to my portfolio, it is almost as if a switch has been flicked as I have had no downloads since holding off from uploading new images earlier this month. Anyhow, I have looked at other sites but I cannot really summon up the energy to upload everything again, my enjoyment has gone. I am also on Alamy which has so few downloads I have never reached a payment, and AS which is better but with only half my portfolio as they don't take Editorial. The income is pocket money but I won't put in the effort for someone else to profit at my expense. Apart from seeing downloads and where they were made I enjoyed researching photos such as plant names and data and have learned rather a lot as a result, and even bought a small pocket camera specifically for impromptu stock photos when out and about. Will I bother any more? Not at the present time but maybe later.
  8. I just looked at DT and they appear to have options to upload as jpegs or RAW files. The former would be preferable as like most photographers I don't like releasing RAW files but does it make any difference to downloads and payments?
  9. I have grown a similar size portfolio there since November 2018 and had just three sales, so not even reached a payment threshold yet. My Adobe Stock portfolio is about half that but have a few more sales there. Last year I met Alamy people at The Photography Show who told me I needed a much larger port (in the thousands). i don’t know how effective their traffic light system is, green for best exposure, amber for poor exposure, but my paltry sales were all from the amber category. I am rather flattered that my upload rating is five stars but what with the SS fiasco I am rapidly losing interest in stock photography altogether.
  10. That was my first reading but I think the line about defamatory etc. is a caveat not the option you are selecting.
  11. Pond5 is struggling to cope under their surge in new contributors, I don’t know about the others. Adobe Stock is taking for ever to approve my last uploads (17 days and counting) so I guess they are overwhelmed as well, unfortunately they don’t accept editorials which is about half my portfolio. I am watching my unpaid earnings crawl slowly towards $35 at 10c a time and have stopped uploading in the meantime. After that I will freeze my until SS reverse the changes.
  12. We have seen on another thread that if you delete your account you will not receive the commissions already made but awaiting the payment threshold. The sensible strategy would be to wait until the next payment threshold is reached if you are reasonably close and then decide whether to disable or delete but in the meantime I for one won’t be uploading fresh material. We have all condemned the free stock websites but sales of 10 cents is virtually the same.
  13. Recently I have noticed that almost all my downloads on SS are from subscribers, far less ODs than when I started 18 months ago. That tells me that most image searches are on SS or similar sites rather than say google where I guess people expect free downloads, so the marketing is going to be the hard part. If you have a specialized portfolio like say food then it would be possible to target clients but far more difficult with a general mix portfolio. However with the food option say you could offer a bespoke service alongside your standard images. it is an attractive idea but the admin side puts me off, taking the photos would be the easy part! However for anyone prepared to have a go I would say what have you to lose? Selling photos that take time to expose, process and upload for 10 cents is a loss-maker from the start - if your time is worth 50 dollars an hour then you would need to sell at least 250 just to break even.
  14. When Alamy reduced its payout it was sold on the basis that more sales would result and contributors would benefit in the long run. Well I haven’t seen this.
  15. See above, those equity values are not what they were.
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