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  1. I decided to say no, there is no way I am letting my photos be obtained for free, I don’t care if they give a measly one-off payment.
  2. Well after messaging the four sites with contact details I received one reply - a polite apology sent straight away and taking down the photo on their site. That site is in Lagos Nigeria, the others haven’t responded which doesn’t put the ethical standards of US and U.K. news media in a good light. Lagos confirmed it was from a news feed which was probably used by all of them, and did promise to be more careful in future.
  3. Probably not the first time this has been raised, but here goes anyway. I have just discovered that one of my photos was used last year for the same news story in eight online news outlets so I sent all the links to the SS Compliance team who confirmed the source was not Shutterstock, and told me that as I owned the copyright I could send them a take-down notice - not very helpful as the story is history now. Only four sites had contact details so I have emailed them. If I was to pursue claims and in the unlikely event I receive payment do I need to share with SS? This is how the image ap
  4. And SS didn’t help by putting the skids under him with the new price structure. If I were he then I would be pretty p****d off after all that effort.
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