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  1. But this is relevant to almost every forum going right back to the old USENET forums. I've worked as a programmer, system architect for over 25 years been on the internet since 1990 when few people had internet. In those days if you asked for help you got the same old reply : RTFM (for some of you who don't know what this means it's Read The F*cking Manual. There was also in those times animosity between participants, it's very easy easy to react from behind a keyboard and people don't think before pushing that submit button. Once it's sent, it's sent, and I have also posted prematurely without actually thinking about the replay I was sending. At least on this forum there are a few people willing to help others.
  2. Yes, my sets also seem to be working ok on the buyers side of things. So problem is only at the contributor's side.
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