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  1. Yes, corona images sell very well. If not I would sell less
  2. Thank you. Yes, mostly Corona.
  3. This 2 first weeks I'm 20% down in terms of downloads and earnings, but still good numbers with 279 downloads on a 260 PF.
  4. February was my BME in terms of downloads and earnings. I am very happy and this encourages me to continue working to improve my skills and my numbers.
  5. January ended with 24 downloads, in a portfolio of 250 photos. Quite happy, and although it's not my best month in terms of downloads and incomes, it encourages me to keep growing my portfolio. We'll see how February goes. Good sales to everyone.
  6. I reached my 100th download! I know it’s not much, but I’m very happy. It’s my 5th month, so I’m still learning, and only have 213 photos (I should upload much more) but it encourages me to keep on working.
  7. 0,29 😂 Trying to improve, Newbie here.
  8. https://www.shutterstock.com/es/image-photo/typical-mediterranean-spanish-house-red-facade-1321751735?src=Yl6V9Yv5SQYpuvuKl_v0xg-1-34
  9. Hi,Thanks for your answer, I was looking for this kind of information. I'm new here too. I usually use words in the description as keywords too. I didn't know it could be considered spam. And Robert, welcome to the forum, I'm on the same boat. Hope you have nice sells.
  10. https://www.shutterstock.com/es/image-photo/ibiza-spain-february-20-2019-scrabble-1320281111?src=X28KKolKr3AjcwWWxtbRyA-1-0
  11. Yes, these days is taking 4 days or so here too.. by the way it's my first post in this forum. Glad to join the SS family here.
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